Worsening Insecurity: There Is No Government In Nigeria –Ortom

Worsening Insecurity: There Is No Government In Nigeria –Ortom

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State yesterday, again, slammed the President Muhammadu Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) of not being able to contain the intractable insecurity situation bedevilling the country, despite the presence of security chiefs, saying what is happening clearly shows that there is no government in place.

Besides, the governor also confirmedthemassiveinflux of aliens into the state, followingtherecentnationwideproposedbanoncommercialmotorcyclespopularlyknownas ‘okada.’

Governor Ortom, who briefed journalists at an expandedcaucusof thePeoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the Government House in Makurdi, noted with shock the threats by bandits to kidnap thePresident, after scores of peoplealreadyabductedby the terrorists are still wallowingincaptivity, describingthe situation as unfortunate…Continue Reading

The governor said, he had earlieralertedNigeriansthat “one day terrorists will take overthis country, andit is happening as you can see them invade Abuja today and do anything and go freely. “Are you telling me that youdon’thavesecurity inthis country?

There is no government in Nigeria today; those people who are deceiving the President that he is doing well are criminals. “He is not sincere with the oath of office he took when he was sworn in. Nigerians are not happy, Nigerians are crying, Nigerians are in pains, Nigerians are suffering: the economy, security and social life of our people has gone down the drain.”

Ortom further confirmed what he termed as massive influx of aliens into the state, which is as a result of the recent proposed ban on okada riders across the country. He said: “I have also heard about the invasion and I have directedmySecurityAdviser to look into the matter. We are having a security council meeting (today), and this is part of what we are going to discuss.”

Worsening Insecurity: There Is No Government In Nigeria –Ortom

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