The power behind garlic and olive oil mixture are too enormous. Ordinarily what i thought about garlic was to prepare food for consumption alone, but never know that garlic is also Spiritual and useful when mixed with olive oil can fight against witches.

I am a 48 year old man from Ogun State and a victim of perpetual Spiritual attack by unknown enemies. Witches always gathered at back of my house at midnight with various forms of whispering at about 12:30am to 2 am. When this happens in the night i will either fall sick or any body in my household will fall at prey to their hands the following day.

In an attempt to prevent this from occuring at the back of my house where a big tree was planted before i built my house. The tree was fell down after many sacrifices, but yet the witches fail to ceased . I decided to go extra mile to ensure that witches will not come around my house in the night. I met one popular Spiritual Doctor who was known for his spiritual proficiency and explained to him how witches are tormenting me. He gave me some leafs and herb tied together to block the witches from any further attack, but the reverse was the case.

The most worrisome aspect of it was that during the period of time i used what was given to me by the Spiritual doctor.i later discovered that he is a members of the witchcraft family and the attack was more intensified .my life was subject to perpetual sickness going from one hospital to another. So i went back to the Spiritual doctor and explained the lastest attack, but he was pretentious helpless.

I became confused and disturbed on what to do. I told some of my friends what my family was passing through in the hands of unknown witches. One of my old friend who has been in the Eastern part of the country who came to visit his aged mother in our community. He came to house and discovered that my social life has been reduced to zero. When he asked me of what happened. I told him how the witches disturbed me every night. He told me there is a Spiritualist who will solve the problem and because of my conciousnes he decided to gave me the address of the Spiritualist called Queen Mother Spiritual home.

Without time delay he assisted me to contacted the spiritualist and booked appointment the following day. I paid him a visit and the Spiritualist unveil the power behind garlic and olive oil mixture to prevent witches from further attack. The Spiritualist put garlic and olive oil mixture in a bottle with cover and gave to me. I was told to rub it at night including members of my family. Ever since i began to applying the garlic and olive oil mixture witches no longer torment me and my household.

The spiritual attack that always put me and members of my family to the hospital every week stopped completely. I am now free from Spiritual slavery from the hands of the witches.

In case your life is been tormented by the witches. Why can’t you contact Queen Mother Spiritual home for your problem. Your life will never be the same again.

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