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Woman Left In Tears After Getting A Surprising Hair Transplant

Brenda Vickers’ self-esteem has been crushed by celiac disease-related irreparable hair loss. For twenty years, she was afraid to look in the mirror or even pose in photos because of her bald head. But, thanks to a hair transplant, the 78-year-old has now been given a fresh lease of life.

Brenda Vickers, 78, of Newcastle upon Tyne, has celiac disease, which has caused her to lose her hair permanently.


Brenda, from Newcastle upon Tyne’s Walkergate, was moved to tears when she saw her hair transplant. Her hair was replaced by Novo Cabelo, a Durham-based company, and her husband, Brian, 81, who she’s been married to for around 56 years, adored the new look. This video has received over half a million views since it was posted on TikTok.

Brenda, on the other hand, was fortunate enough to undergo a hair transplant from the London-based firm Novo Cabelo.

 The incredible change was achieved with a £350 human hairpiece.

Brenda teared up when she saw her new look (a £350 human hairpiece applied), as captured by Novo Cabelo’s Rob Wood. “It’s nice not to have to worry about being self-conscious when I go out.” I don’t have to be humiliated or think I don’t want to look in the mirror anymore.” Brenda expressed her thoughts.

On TikTok, Rob Wood captured Brenda crying and seeming stunned by her new look.


She said the alteration has given her more confidence, and that with all the compliments she’s had, her head should be huge. “It’s changed everything,” the senior continued. I’ll go out more now that I’m more confident, which is a fantastic feeling. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been extremely complimentary and gracious.”

It became rather emotional, and her 81-year-old husband, Brian, adored the new appearance.

“It’s completely changed my life.” I’ll venture out more now that I’m more confident.” Brenda stated, as seen with Brian.

“People say I look 20 years younger, but I still have the mental capacity of a 78-year-old.” My hair is young, but my body is ancient. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen myself like this.” Brenda had been nervous before the treatment, as one would expect, but she was taken aback when she saw the results, which she described as “amazing.”

Brenda was nervous at first, but she was’stunned’ when she saw the results, which she described as ‘astonishing.’


Brenda believes her hair loss is the result of celiac disease, an immune system ailment she was diagnosed with in 2017.


Brenda’s husband, Brian, stated that it’s like marrying someone 20 years younger. He went on to say that the transformation was stunning and that he is ecstatic for her. “When I first saw her, I was taken aback. I thought she was quite lovely. You know, she’s not a bad looker.” According to the Daily Mail, Brain remarked.

Brian, who was photographed with Brenda prior to her hair transplant, said his wife “looks stunning,” and that he is “very pleased for her.”


Brenda, on the other hand, feels her hair loss is caused by celiac disease, an immune system ailment that she was diagnosed with in 2017 but has been suffering from for 20 years. She had specifically sought a family friend for recommendations and was recommended to Rob, who then invited her to his salon in Saehan, County Durham, for a consultation.

Brenda, who wore a beehive haircut on her wedding day, used to have a lot of dark hair when she was younger.

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