Woman Caught Stealing Money Sprayed On The Celebrants At An Event (Video)

A guest at an event was nabbed after stealing money that was being sprayed on the celebrants over the weekend.

The woman had pretended to help the celebrants pick their money, but she was secretly stashing the funds under her sleeve.

She was apprehended and the stolen Naira notes were recovered from her sleeve.

Comedian and event compere, MC Edo Pikin who was at the event filmed and shared the video on social media.

The now viral video showed the woman being confronted by a group who had caught her red-handed. She would have been severely punished thanks to the quick intervention of the media personality and other women at the scene.

“Caught red handed , stealing money in event I attended on Saturday. I felt for her though, but stealing is stealing. Women respect women , they made sure she was not touched”, MC Edo Pikin captioned the video.

Watch below,

In other news, a young man has narrated how his father intervened just in time to save him from leaving a bad impression on his first date with a lady.

The young man identified simply as Nonye said he went on a date to a bar with a lady he had been admiring. According to him, they chatted away so long that he didn’t think to order them something to eat.

Thankfully, his father, who was watching from afar, ordered something for the young man and his date and had the waiter take it to their table.

He noted that when the waiter approached their table with two plates of pepper soup and drinks, he told her he didn’t make any orders, and the waiter pointed at the man who ordered the meal on their behalf, his father.

Nonye said when he got home, he said his father and mother laughed at him for taking a girl on a date without buying her food. He added that his parents still tease him about the incident till date.

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