Wike React As Rabiu Kwankwaso Say The 2023 Presidency Should Not Be Zoned To The South

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, claimed on Tuesday that members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who argue that the presidency should not be zoned are APC operatives (APC).

Rabiu Kwankwaso, the former governor of Kano State and a potential presidential candidate in 2023, said on Monday that the presidency should not be zoned to the south.

Wike made the remarks when he paid a visit to Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde to express his condolences over the passing of the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Saliu Adetunji.

” Forget about those who argue that zoning is unnecessary. It’ s merely a diversion. Those who do so, in my opinion, are APC agents who are not assisting the party. In any case, we must get down and make the greatest decision that would make Nigerians pleased and lead to our election victory.

Wike Clearly Stated That PDP Will Be Held Responsible If Nigeria Keeps On Suffering

” There is no justification for anything we do that won’ t help us win the election, because that indicates we still want Nigerians to suffer, and they can’ t keep suffering. ” They have suffered enough at the hands of the APC, and God would punish the PDP if Nigerians are not rescued, ” he added.

” And I believe you are one of the persons in your state that is doing well. We need to make a choice. There is no leadership if no decisions are made. It’ s not like the APC, where one day they’ ll say one thing and the next day they’ ll say something completely different. They have no idea who is in charge. But you’ re the governor of Oyo State, and you’ re doing a great job, ” Wike said to Makinde.

Wike stated that he and others had come to inform Makinde that it was critical for the PDP to unite a large number of Nigerians who had been waiting for the party, and that the party could not afford to miss out on this opportunity.

” The governors must work together. ” It makes no difference who the party’ s presidential candidate is. I can assure you that once the party and governors are unified, victory will be ours. As a result, the governor’ s unity is critical to ensuring that the party gets it right.

He Also Stressed That The Governors Should Remain Very United In Order To Take Back Power In 2023

” It was because of our unity that we were able to produce the finest National Chairman and the best National Convention, which astounded Nigerians. ” We should do the same by working hard to find a presidential candidate who will help the PDP win the election. This is because Nigerians will not be pleased with us if we lose this time.

” We cannot allow this evil known as APC to continue, which is why they are unable to unite. ” As a result, God has used people like you to bring the party together and organize the best convention possible.

Mine is going around telling our people that we need to work together as a party so that we may run in the next general election as the APC. ” We must all rally behind whoever the party nominates for president and ensure that we win the election, ” he urged.

Governors Wike Also Commended Makinde, Urged Him To Keep Doing What Is Right

Wike also urged Makinde not to be sidetracked by criticisms, pushing him to keep doing well and urging his aides and state inhabitants to continue to support him.

” People must criticize; it happens even in families. ” So stay concentrated and avoid being sidetracked. Keep up the good work. Although this is a governmental office and not a private business, your previous experience has greatly aided you in moving the state ahead.

” I also want to encourage your aides to continue to provide you with the assistance you require. The majority of people fail due to their assistants’ lack of commitment. But the fact that you were able to travel for several days and everything still worked shows how dedicated your aides are, and I want to congratulate you all. ” You are among those who have altered Oyo State, ” Wike continued.

Wike has demonstrated leadership in piloting the operations of Rivers State, according to Makinde, who also claimed he had showed leadership nationally and in advocating for what was right and just in the party’ s affairs.

Makinde Further Stated That 2023 Is The Year PDP Will Redeem Nigeria

” All we can do is pray for greater strength and good health so that you can continue to serve in Rivers State at least until the conclusion of your term. ” ” In Oyo State, we are following in your footsteps by providing democratic benefits to our people. ” It’ s all about putting the needs of the people first.

” You just mentioned those vying for the presidency of our country under our party’ s banner, and what they need to know. Well, you’ ve shown it, and we’ re doing the same thing in Oyo State.

It is not about wanting to be in power for the purpose of wanting to be in power, but about making our country and state a little better than they are now. This has been shown numerous times, particularly in Rivers State, and we are doing the same thing here.

” Unity, especially among our party’ s governors, is critical, and most of our achievements to date have been achieved because we have worked together, ” he stated.

According to Makinde, 2022 will be a pivotal year in the effort to rescue Nigeria from the calamity brought on by nearly seven years of APC leadership at the federal level, emphasizing the importance of Governor Wike’ s visit and the PDP governors’ unity.TAP HERE TO READ MORE ARTICLES

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