Why Real Madrid Didn’t Sign A Benzema Backup

Why Real Madrid Didn’t Sign A Benzema Backup

Marca had an interesting piece yesterday about Real Madrid’s transfer window, and why Los Blancos hadn’t signed a number 9 to back up Karim Benzema.

The simple answer is that there was simply nobody out there that looked a sure bet. Once it became clear that Gabriel Jesus was out of the question, there was nobody left they wanted, and having been stung in recent years by taking risks on signing players like Luka Jovic and Mariano Diaz, they’ve decided to keep their cards in their hand for now, until someone truly worthy of eventually being Benzema’s successor becomes available.

The thinking seems to be that it’s better to hope they can get through the 17 games before the World Cup with just Benzema and a few minutes from other players here and there. Then January arrives, bringing a new chance to sign a player who is a better fit.

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