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Waterproof Flooring In Raining Season



If your home is built on a swampy land, the rainy season, especially during downpour that lasts for days, may give you cause for worry, and you may want to find out if your home was architecturally designed to withstand the test of time.

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What exactly is the alibi for your home that is built on swampy land? Waterproof flooring! Waterproofing is basically a construction strategy designed to prevent water from penetrating a building structure. This is done in different layers and stages to create multiple barriers so that water cannot penetrate the structure.

One of the major causes of building damage and collapse is water. Water, through various sources especially the foundation, harms the structure. Waterproofing should be done to prevent damage and collapse of structures on a swampy area.

Process of Waterproofing
The basic process of waterproofing is tagged ‘Building Envelop’. A structure is waterproofed with membranes and coatings so as to protect contents underneath or within, as well as the structural integrity. These compatibility of materials, their interactions and connections of building enclosures determines the end result of flooring that withstands both the condition of the land where the building is erected and any level of downpour.

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Building envelope impedes the movement of outdoor weathering factors, of which rain water and site drainage play the major role. This is why protection from weather, seepages from ground and vertical travel of water in a structure can be well protected by the correct application of a waterproofing system.

Suitable Structure Waterproofing

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There are various structure waterproofing methods but the one that is done with polyurethane is considered one of the best. It can be applied seamlessly and penetrates the surface deeply and evenly thereby filling in the finest cracks in concrete such that reduces water absorbency capacity.

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