We Only Want Equal Rights Like Other Regions In The Country, We Don’t Want Biafra Republic, The Thing Is Madness – Umahi - OLAMORE
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We Only Want Equal Rights Like Other Regions In The Country, We Don’t Want Biafra Republic, The Thing Is Madness – Umahi

Ebonyi Governor, David Umahi and the South- East Governors Forum Chairman, has declared that the majority of the region’ s elites oppose Biafra.

He described pro- Biafra agitations as ” crazy, ” saying that what southeasterners want is to be treated equally to other regions. On Wednesday morning, Umahi said this on Channels Television’ s Sunrise Daily.


” Every elite in the south- east is not desirous of Biafra. We don’ t want Biafra. We only want to be treated equally like other regions in Nigeria, ” he stated.

” So, this idea of Biafra, Biafra is madness” .

According to the governor of Ebonyi, the violence that has engulfed the region began as a protest against marginalization, but swiftly escalated into violence.


” You can never get a nation out of a nation by the kind of hate speeches being dished out and then from hate speeches to threats of killings and actual killings and formation of militant groups, ” he said.

” If you’ re fighting to protect us so why are you killing us? We are the ones killing ourselves. Occasionally, people are imported from outside to do these killings but majorly, like in my state, all the people that we have caught, all came from the south- east” .


Umahi said that governors are willing to go to any mile to empower the agitators. while appealing to the region’ s youths, the governor asked protesters to come out and engage in dialogue with the government.

” Whatever is your problem, is it unemployment, you have nothing doing? We are going to leave every other thing to make sure you are empowered. The only thing is that when you are in the bush, we don’ t have access to you. You have to come out of the bush and work with us to empower you, ” he said.


” But when you say no, that you will go in the name of agitations to cause criminality, we will isolate you as a criminal and this is where we are and we are very serious about it”


Former Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido has responded to demands for the Peoples Democratic Party’ s presidential ticket to be zoned to the south ahead of the general elections in 2023. In response, the PDP leader remarked that changing the presidential ticket is not mandatory because everyone has equal rights to the presidency.

During a recent interview with the BBC Hausa service, Lamido expressed his thoughts. He continued, ” Unity and progress of the country are vital in the aspirations of many politicians to emerge as the party’ s candidate. ” This comes after the main opposition Zonal Committee, led by Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, relocated the PDP National Chairman’ s position to the north.


The party’ s decision sparked rumors that the party’ s presidential ticket will be shifted to the south. The committee, on the other hand, argued that zoning of the President and Vice President’ s offices is not part of their mandate.

He stated, ” What brings this issue is because the southern PDP and APC Governors agreed that president most comes from the Southern part of the country.


” There is no compulsion in politics everybody has equal rights and if you said you want your own, so everybody has his own as well.

” Therefore unity and progress of the country is the most important aspect not any part of the country.

” This happened 20 years back when PDP picked Obasanjo and prevented any candidate from North but it was done not by force is because it’ s the solution to the country’ s situation and for the future, progress and peaceful coexistence of the whole country. “

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