UK Government Approve Chelsea Takeover By Todd Boehly-Led Consortium

The UK government has issued license to a consortium fronted by Los Angeles Dodgers part-owner Todd Boehly to take over Chelsea. The Blues were put up for sale by Roman Abramovich earlier this year, just before he was sanctioned.

The current FIFA Club World Cup Champions are being sold for £2.5 billion, the highest-ever for a sports team, as per AP News. The consortium have pledged another £1.75 billion as an investment in the club over the next ten years.

“Following extensive work, we are now satisfied that the full proceeds of the sale will not benefit Roman Abramovich or any other sanctioned individual. We will not begin the process of ensuring the proceeds of the sale are used for humanitarian causes in Ukraine, supporting the victims of war.”

Yesterday, the Premier League confirmed their approval of the consortium after they passed the Owners’ and Directors’ Test.

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