Two Chelsea Players That Should Always Be Benched After Performing Poorly Against West Ham

At stafford bridge, Chelsea took on West Ham United in an English Premier League match today. Tomas tuchel picked a strong attacking lineup that led Chelsea to a 3-0 victory over West Ham.

After their awful performances against West Ham United today, jorginho frello and koulibaly should permanently be removed from Chelsea’s starting lineup. Kolidou koulibaly, a recent signing for Chelsea, has struggled ever since he arrived at stafford bridge.

In counterattacking situations, this player consistently makes mistakes that cost the team dearly. His back passes set up a goal for West Ham United in their match against Chelsea.

Until koulibaly improves, Tomas tuchel should sit him on the bench. For Chelsea’s central defense, Trevor Chalobar should always start over Kalidou Koulibaly.

The assistant captain of Chelsea, jorginho frello, also had a horrible game against West Ham United. West Ham United dominated possession thanks in large part to Jorginho’s back passes. Today, Chelsea lost because of his sloppy tackling.

To help Jorginho frello develop, the club could send him out on loan to compete with other teams. Instead of relying on jorginho as his defensive midfielder, Tomas tuchel should start every game with Mateo kovacic.

In the defensive midfield, Chelsea will benefit from the pairing of kovacic and Ruben loftus cheek, which should assist the team win the English Premier League.

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