Tor rallies support for Tinubu, unveils Igbo Kwenu 4 Asiwaju as Idimogu emerges Southwest Coordinator

Tor rallies support for Tinubu, unveils Igbo Kwenu 4 Asiwaju as Idimogu emerges Southwest Coordinator

Honourable Ginika Tor, the Federal Commissioner representing Enugu State at the Federal Character Commission and Founder Omaluegwuoku Progressive Initiative, has taken a bold step towards convincing the Igbos on the need to vote for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the 2023 Presidential Election.

Tor is Founder and President of Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju, a group which aims to garner supports for Tinubu’s presidential ambition…Continue Reading

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, at IBIS Hotel, Ajao Estate, Lagos State, Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju held an epoch-making Town Hall Meeting where Honourable (Sir) Jude Chukwuemeka Omobowale Idimogu, a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly representing the good people of Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 02 was unveiled as the southwest coordinator of the group.

Those in attendance at the event include, traditional rulers and representatives of the Igbo communities in all the 20 local governments and 37 LCDAs in Lagos. The stakeholders agreed that there is need for the Igbos to support and vote for the former Lagos State Governor, who has shown capacity, vision and leadership in all he has put his hand on.

Speaking to the media on the reason for the formation of Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju, Tor said, “Before the emergence of His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I was clamouring for Southeast presidency, and that is under the platform of APC, and then a candidate emerged, and not just a candidate, but a man of great pedigree, a man that has built leaders, you can see the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, he is a product of this same man. So I said that this is a man that is tested and trusted. That is why I am putting all my best, all my life, everything to ensure that I propagate, promote, project and spotlight him to the world so that my Igbo brothers and sisters will understand this man, because information is knowledge and power is wealth.”

Speaking further she stated that it is incumbent on the Igbos to understand deeply the man Tinubu so as to be convinced that he means well not just for the Igbos but for the entire Nigeria. “And then my organization known as Omaluegwuoku Progressive Initiative came up with Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju, and that means Igbo agree for Asiwaju, because I have seen that even in Lagos State, we are beneficiaries of this state, and it takes the same man who has laid the good foundation and background for it to be sustained up till date.

“Tinubu is the person I think will come in and make our passport, even if it remains green passport, but it will bring in great value with Tinubu Presidency”

She stated that among all the presidential candidates, it is only Bola Ahmed Tinubu who possesses the capacity to continue the evident legacies of President Muhammadu Buhari.

She also spoke on the Moslem/Moslem ticket of the party, APC. “And you can see he has picked another man of great repute. So we are not making mistake. APC we are not making mistake. Issue of religion is inconsequential as far as I am concerned. Tell me what you gain having Moslem/Christian, now we have to take some drastic measures to get ourselves on board, and this drastic measure will still bring that thing Nigerians are looking after. I am sure that Nigerians will say sorry someday, that is when our person, Bola Ahmed Tinubu emerges and gets to Aso Rock.”

On her choice of Honourable Idimogu as Southwest coordinator she said, “Honourable Jude is a man of repute, I interacted with him, I see him as a man of integrity, credible, accountable, reliable, it is God that led me to him, and as you can see he didn’t fail me; before I got here he has already put a lot together, so I want to say that I thank God that I picked him.”

Speaking on his new role as the Southwest Coordinator of Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju, Honourable Idimogu said “It has always been my heart desire to work for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu because I see him as a winner, if you follow his history he has always been winning, he has a Midas touch in anything he does; he is also a detribalize Nigerian, and a destiny helper. He has the brain, the focus to ensure he succeeds. Look at Lagos State.

“So when Honourable Tor called, I said I must be involved, and in fact this is just the beginning, more souls are going to be converted, and as far as I am concerned we will ensure that Igbos don’t make mistake. For me I always believe that Igbos are good people, Igbos don’t hate APC.

Idimogu maintained that among all the contestants, Tinubu is the only candidate that is prepared, he has the resources, contacts and vision and pleaded with his people not to miss him. “If we miss him, I keep saying it, we have missed a lot. So we want our brothers and sisters to key into it, and the only way to do that is to go to the grassroots to sensitise our brothers and sisters.”

He called on the Igbos to do the needful by protecting and securing their place of residence, through what he called Ebe onye bi ka ona awachi; that means joining hand with government and party in power in the state to bring victory for Asiwaju

On how to realize the goals of Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju he said “We have started, today is a town hall meeting, we are going to commission some foot soldiers, even at youth level, ward by ward, it doesn’t matter, they would go and speak to them, we need consistency, and I know a typical Igbo man, let me tell you, the Igbo man, he has one straight mind and if you are able to convince him, with appeal, you don’t force them, he will follow you and I know they will follow us, as brothers, as sisters, they know we will not mislead them.”

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