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Top 7 celebrities who are well-known Manchester United fans

Manchester United is a global brand and the club has supporters from all over the world. Manchester United might not be at its peak in recent years, however, thousands of well-known celebrities are unrepentant Manchester United fans. This article will not look at all the celebrities that support Manchester United, however, we shall select 7 top celebrities to look at.

1. Usain Bolt:

Thousands of celebrities often chose to hide the football clubs they support so that they will not lose the support of some of their fans who might be supporting rival clubs. Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter who lives and supports Manchester United and he is not ashamed to show his support anytime he has the opportunity to do so.

At some point, Bolt revealed his desire to someday play for Manchester United. Although Usain Bolt looks set to miss out on his dream of playing for Manchester United, he has never stopped supporting Manchester United. Anytime he gets the opportunity to visit Old Trafford, he does so and he makes sure that the cameras capture him.

2. Rey Mysterio:

Mysterio is a professional wrestler. His real name is Oscar Gutierrez and he is from Mexico. Mysterio is known for hiding his face with his trademark masks, but the Mexican has been unable to hide his love for Manchester United. Mysterio has been a Manchester United fan for many years and he is often seen in the Manchester United dressing room as he offered support to the team.

3. Tyson Fury:

Tyson Fury is a heavyweight boxer who has distinguished his name in boxing just like Manchester United has distinguished itself in football. Tyson Fury was born in Manchester and it is natural for him to fall in love with the most successful club in England. Tyson Fury loves and supports Manchester United so much that he sometimes gives some heartfelt speeches to Manchester United players.

4. Megan Fox:

If you love Hollywood movies, then you must have come across this angelic woman known as Megan Fox. Megan Fox loves football and she is also a Manchester United fan. Megan is also a fan of former Manchester United striker, Javier Hernandez. Megan has been spotted on several occasions as she rocked Manchester United jerseys with Chicharito’s names on them.

5. Uche Jombo:

Uche is a Nigerian movie star. She is one of the few Nigerian female celebrities who are Manchester United fans at heart. She often represents Manchester United on her various social media accounts and she does not hesitate to talk about issues that affect the beloved club. Uche Jombo is one of the Nigerian celebrities who are comfortable with telling the world the football club she supports.

6. Burna Boy:

Burna Boy is a Nigerian singer who has also won a Grammy Award. Burna Boy loves football and he is a fan of Manchester United. Burna Boy has been seen supporting Manchester United during the club’s home matches. This season, he watched the match between Manchester United and Newcastle.

Manchester United has high regard for Burna Boy whom they have done some advertising campaign. The chemistry between Manchester United and Burna Boy is there for all to see. Burna Boy has also been pictured with some Manchester United players including Paul Pogba.

7. Adekunle Gold:

Adekunle Gold is a known Nigerian singer. Adekunle is believed to be a Manchester United fan because of some of his posts which revealed that Manchester United has a special place in his heart. As a result of Adekunle’s love for Manchester United, it is presumed that his wife, Simi, is also a Manchester United fan. Both Simi and Adekunle often tweet about Manchester United matches on social media.

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