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Thugs Allegedly Invade Rivers State Council, Assault Legislative Leader

According to The Nation, Thugs allegedly broke into the Etche Local Government Area compound in Rivers State yesterday and attacked the head of the council’ s legislative Assembly, Mrs. Cynthia Nwala. According to reports in The Guardian, Mrs. Nwala was nearly mutilated as the thugs ripped her garments from her body. When tensions flared between the members of the legislature, it caused divides, and the leader decided to seize and take home the Assembly mace.

It turned out that the Council’ s Chief Security Officer (CSO), who went by the name of Mr. Sup, had received a tip and had dispatched gangs of armed thugs to block the council’ s exit gate in order to keep Mrs. Nwala from taking the mace outside. According to the Guardian, the CSO and his men beat attacked the leader, tore her clothes, and vandalized her car in an attempt to recover the mace.

Apparently the accused criminals, who broke into the council with bottles and matches, were acting on the orders of Obinna Anyanwu, the local council chairman. Eyewitnesses begged for anonymity, but one verified to reporters that the council’ s CSO was in charge of directing the goons who carried out the murderous deed. This woman’ s alleged fault was that she took the assembly’ s mace with her when the council’ s gate had already been locked, according to the insider. It’ s barbaric to strip a woman bare like that.


Meanwhile, Nwala has revealed that she and a group of men were beaten by the council’ s CSO after a quarrel broke out in the assembly and restoration work was underway at the council. Anyanwu, the Council Chairman, denied sending the CSO for the attack when approached. She was attacked by no one sent by me, he insisted. It all started when she attempted to take the mace home with her after yesterday’ s supervisory councillor screening, and she got into an argument with several of her coworkers, leading the CSO to make an attempt to recover the mace from her. ”


As reported by his Chief Press Secretary, Robinson Oluor, Anyanwu revealed that the lawmakers had a quarrel and that the leader of the house attempted to flee with assembly mace before it was intercepted. ” For the record, Obinna Anyanwu never directed his CSO to harass, threaten, or assault any serving councillor of Etche Legislative Assembly, ” reads part of the declaration.


As a result, the Council Chairman’ s Chief Security Officer is not a member of the Etche Legislative Assembly and will never be involved in its internal affairs. Furthermore, the CSO to the Council Chairman never assaulted or harassed House Speaker Michael Dukakis, as he is not on the council. ” The Etche Legislative Assembly is highly regarded by the Etche Local Government Council. ”


According to the information made available to the Council, the Speaker of the House, Hon. Cynthia Nwala, enlisted the help of an armed police team and over 20 hired thugs to attempt to seize the’ mace, ‘ which is a legislative property and is supposed to be in the custody of the’ sergeant- at- arms, ‘ according to administrative procedure.


Members of the Assembly intercepted their house leader with the ‘ mace, ‘ alerting the Council’ s chief security officer, who was in Okehi, and he promptly intervened and restored sanity between Cynthia Nwala and her colleagues councilors. “

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