“There Are No Favorites”: Ancelotti Disavows That Madrid Is La Liga And Champions League Favorite

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti addressed a press conference ahead of the match against Real Betis, and among the other topics, he spoke about the presumption that Madrid is the favorite for La Liga and the Champions league.

While seeming to agree with that notion, he said that Los Blancos could only be considered a favorite based on their achievements last year, but that it will not count for this year.

Despite admitting that he had a great team this campaign, Ancelotti thought that it would be too early to place the tag of favorite on his team.

He knows that there is still a long way to go before the relative strengths of the teams in contention could be assessed. For Ancelotti, the period between March and April would be the best time to make that assessment.

Despite having confidence in his squad for this campaign more than that of last season, he believes that there are no favorites for both honors.

This is what he said: “We’re favorites given what we achieved last year. Every season has its dynamic. La Liga is going to be more hotly contested this year, and the same applies to the Champions League. There are no favorites there. It will depend on what happens in March and April.

We have fewer doubts ourselves than this time last year. The transfer market has closed, we’ve got a great squad in every position and we’re going to compete and fight hard.”

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