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Tears Of Osinach Nwachukwu



My beloved,
With all my heart,
With all my body,
With all my pride,
With all what God made me,
With all that God made of me,
With all that people know me to be,
With all my aspirations
With all my accomplishments,
I submitted to you, as demanded by God and loved you against parental wishes.
The society was against our union but I stood by you, accepted and loved you for who you are.
I kept our secrets, secret, secret.
You were my father, mother, friend and best companion.
After the Lord Jesus, our master, you are the dearest to my soul.
I gave you wonderful children, doing well in the Lord and their academics.
We had a future in them as I pride myself that God gave me a lovely husband,
My King and Lord in our home.
But I realize that was at best like a Dog to you, beating me and treating me like a bought slave.
In my pains, I ask, what did I do to deserve these from you.
I was never bitter, I bore pains and sorrows, secretly because I took it that whatever you did was the best for us.
Where did I go wrong?
What did I do wrong?
How was I wrong to have married you?
Was I wrong to have loved you?
These were the questions I asked when I have pains in my heart
BUT the Lord’s response was “My Grace is sufficient for thee.”
The Lord made me know that all things work together for good,
For them who love him.
Ever since, he helped me to see the glory that lie ahead of me,
The beauty of heaven and the streets littered with Gold and other precious ornaments.
I see my Lord in his splendor with the 24 elders sitted with him,
I see innumerable number of angels rendering more melodious songs than I do,
Then I have peace, that the gains of enduring pains cannot be compared.
I remember that his promise was never a no tribulation or persecution but to see us through.
I no longer ask why do I deserve all these?
I began to thank God for the man he I married, though not perfect, not the desire of the heart as many would wish,
But in God alone is hope, my strength and consolation
I no longer seek my pleasure but take pleasure in what he wants
And putting on the righteousness of my Lord Jesus Christ, I am justified
Because in him alone is my salvation.
Worldly pleasures will fade out, attainments and achievements will become history
Nothing satisfies, like the knowledge of the love he has for me
That he died on the cross, shameful, painful agonizing death.
For his sake, I count all pains as gain, as I onward soar into his glory.
My prayer as I onward move is that he gives my husband the grace to bear
All that worldly judgment would meet out on him, for his perceived acts against me.
Lord, grant him the grace that you granted me, to see the light of your word,
Feel the love you have for him as for me and walk with you, so that we get to see and meet again.
His grace was sufficient for me, while I was here,
That was why nobodies comment made any sense to me.
Who am I to appeal his judgment, when he said “My grace is sufficient for thee?”
He knew the end from the beginning and of course, he planned it all for an expected glorious end.
My mother lived in pains, my children live is sorrows, friends and associates graon for the pain of my encounter
But in am in a different world, a world of reality.
I see what others cant see, I know what others cannot know,
It is indeed an expected end, being wit my maker, no matter the experience I passed through on earth.
Glad enough, I met him early and accepted him as Lord and Saviour,
He loved me while I was yet a sinner and brought me close to him.
I am the clay, he is the porter,
How can I tell what and how he ought to mold me.
Thank you Lord for helping me live in the fiery furnace,
Without feeling the heat or get burnt
It was a promise kept by the covenant keeping God,
That though I walk through the valley of shadows of death,
He would be with me.
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.
I never knew frustration, I saw the light ahead, saw the glory and the streets of paradise,
So in tears, hoping it come soon, I pray to make it home despite my pains.
His grace was sufficient for me.
I carried my own cross, without complains, father Lord, help other daughters
Who are in same situation to also carry the cross, see the gain ahead
And bear the pain with Joy.
The Joy of the Lord, which remained my strength, pass I unto them
For strength, courage and desire to stand for you, with you and in you, till the end.
Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit,
The teacher, Comforter and Companion, not leaving me alone.
Sweet Jesus, as you helped me through overcoming the tempter,
Help others in my shoes also overcome, so that pains can become gain in the end.
Thank you for not letting the tempter separate me from your love
Or make me deviate from your plans.
I praised you while on earth; I will continue to praise you over and over.
I have your assurance that when it is time to judge the world, I shall be among the number,
Whose song shall be “Saved by Grace” singing Halleluiah, I made it at last.
If on earth alone is our hope in Christ, I would have been most pitiable, but it is a blessed assurance,
He cannot lie, he prepared a place for me, a glorious home across the sea of life
Beyond the tempestuous see.
I shall sing, my husband and children shall sing, “Saved my grace”.
All daughters, sowing in tears shall reap with joy and laughter.
My passionate plea, “Endure.”
The darkness, pain and sorrows are not forever, tarry a little,
The light that chases away darkness is fast approaching,
The balm of Gilead is coming to heal all wounds, just endure, endure, its painful, but endure.
He saw me through, he would see you through,
He never failed in his covenant,
My prayer and hope is that we shall see again on the last day
Sharing the story of how it was and how he saw us through.
Then we shall understand it all, better and better,
Remember, he said, he created it all for his pleasures and not ours.
Allowing him first, taking all the first will make you see him in that fiery furnace, walk in the fire
And come out glorious
We shall meet again at the feet of Jesus Christ, who saved us by His grace.

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