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Suspected Cultists Torture,Destiny Osaro Ordia.



On 2 April 2022, a criminal cult gang invaded a popular street in Benin City,  in search of one ordia Newton by Members of Eiye Confraternity.

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It was gathered that the dangerous Eiye confraternity launch the attack on ordia Newton family members because of the incident which happened in 2014, in which the dangerous mafia brother died in the incident.

On getting to one of the Family homes of Mr. Osaro’s order, the rest members of the family flee when they saw the dangerous Eiye Confraternity in numbers coming towards their family home, it was unfortunate that one Destiny Osaro Ordia, was not able to run alongside with the rest of the Family Members, he was tortured by the dangerous Eiye confraternity, who according to eyewitnesses the victim was violently questioned while they were beating him to disclose the location of there Major target Ordia Newton.

Mr. Osaro Destiny Ordia was stabbed so many times in different parts of his body because according to the victim he doesn’t know the whereabouts of Ordia Newton, as the time of this report Mr. Osaro Destiny Ordia was rushed to an undisclosed hospital in Benin City for urgent medical treatment.

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For more than decades, it has been at the center of incredulous tales of torture and extrajudicial killings in this part of South-South Nigeria’s Edo  State – tales that have spread beyond the region and across the country. Throughout the building’s dark history, blood stained the floors of Mr. Osaro Destiny Ordia.

On December 8th, 2020 Mr. Wellington ordia was attacked and shot multiple times by members of the Eiye Confraternity who attacked Mr ordia Family home in search of Ordia Newton who has been on the Eiye confraternity wanted list, Mr. Wellington Ordia was pronounced dead by the resident doctor on Santana hospital.

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According to Mr. Kingsley Taiwo, The authorities have failed to bring those responsible for these horrific crimes to justice and have allowed a climate of impunity to fuel further violence. We call on the Nigerian authorities to take more robust action to stop these attacks or Mr ordia Newton, family by investigating every attack and bringing perpetrators to justice.

According to our Edo south   Correspondent Mr. Lookman  Obas, The government must defend and protect the people; its failure to provide security for people in Edo state, especially in Igueben, Estako West, Oredo, Esan West,ikpoba okha, and Egor local government areas and its failure to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the killing of Ordia Wellington created an atmosphere of fear and bloodshed in the area.

It all started in December 2014 when some students of the University of Benin invited one Emmanuel chuks into their residence where they allegedly had sex with the late Emmanuel chuks who died in the process, according to our reporter who disclosed that the individuals involved in the act was arrested by the police but they are yet to ascertain why the family of Mr ordia continue to be on target by the late Emmanuel Chuks family who is hellbent on killing all the members of Mr ordia family if they refuse to disclose the location of Mr. Ordia Newton.

Another Eyewitness namely miss Ogie Rita said that whenever there is an attack on Mr. India Newton and his family members by the armed gangs, we usually call the police and other security agencies to come to our rescue, but they only arrive when the gangs have left. When they come, they will arrest innocent residents mount roadblocks, and send security men to the streets, but after two weeks they dismantle the roadblocks and leave the community until another violent gang attacks, and is threatened.

People have been linking the rise in violence to the arming of youths by politicians for electoral purposes.

A youth leader in Egor blamed politicians for providing arms to the youths during elections.


“Different political parties use different criminal cult groups for their selfish interests. If they think their group is not strong enough to deliver, they empower them with more weapons. But they don’t think about the aftermath of everything. They don’t care what happens after elections”.

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