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Here Are Signs She Will Show You When She’s Ready To Have You

She can show you that she’s interested by giving you subtle signs, hoping you’re smart enough to catch those signs and then make the move that she’s eagerly waiting for.

So, without further ado –

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1. She wants you to touch her more, to stimulate her more.

Her desire to be stimulated by your touch is a sign of her serious interest in you. Your woman wants to make things more intimate and sexual.

2. The lifted hand that pushes back the hair from her face or rearranges it above the ears

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It’s a flirtatious gesture and it speaks feminity. This is usually done by women subconsciously and if she is looking at you while doing this then it is a clear sign that she’s into you.

3. Touching the lips with the tongue.

It is a courting gesture for women, and their eyes come into play fairly often with long looks and side glances.

This signal is also subconscious, and it’s only the knowledgeable third-party observer who can under-stand what is going on.

4. When she’s smiling while looking at you

People who smile while looking at each other are genuinely interested in each other. And especially when she smiles for no reason when you’re around is one of the strongest signs that she’s into you.

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Smile is a very useful signal to let you know just how much your appearance pleases her.

5. She looks toward you often if you’re separated at a party or an event.

This is a clear sign that even in a crowd you’re her object of attention. You’re most important to her.

She’s probably there because of you and to strike up a conversation with you and get to know you more.


6. She seems relaxed when she’s alone with you.

She may do this by removing her clothings a bit or unbuttoning some of her shirt. These are signs of opening up. This means that she trusts you and is willing to take things further.

Revealing more skin is always a good sign.

7. An accidental touch or a brush.

This is a further signal of her interest. She might touch your arm or thigh—or even let your foot touch hers without making it too obvious. This also means that she’s flirting with you.


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