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Here Are The Signs Of A Bad Girlfriends

To know early enough that a girlfriend isn’t good for you, here are the signs you will see.

While it would hurt especially after building up hopes in your heart that this might be the right one, there’s still some sweetness to the sour ending as you won’t have to wait for too long, investing so much time and effort into the relationship only to find out that it wasn’t meant to be.

To know early enough that a girlfriend isn’t good for you, these are the signs you will see.

A girlfriend that refuses to acknowledge your feelings, emotions or one who tries to downplay them is not great for you.

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Lovers are meant to relate with each other’s feelings, to understand how the other person feels about certain emotional things and why they do the things they do.

If she’s trying to toy with your emotions, that’s an early sign for you on her inadequacy.

This screams ‘secretive’ and secretive is not what you want from a new partner.

The foundation of every great relationship is placed on disclosure and shared secrets

She should be willing to begin on a positive note with you, giving you an insight into her soul, fears, insecurities and building a bond with you over these things.

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If she’s choosing to keep every single one of these things away from you right off the bat, my guy, maybe she’s not the one.

If she’s selfishly manipulating conversations, making demands and steering every other thing to favour only her, that’s your cue to knowing that she’s a selfish one and would hardly be considerate of your needs.

is good in a way but only to a certain extent. If she’s crossing the margin of what is reasonable almost immediately, she’s not doing right. Maybe it’s time to run before you get in too deep?

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Early on in the relationship, partners are always going to want to be with each other and spend time together and just rub off on each other and get as much of each other as possible but then there is still supposed to be an individuality to your existence.

If she’s showing signs immediately that she can literally not do anything without you, fam, that should cause a lot of problem along the line.

Better to address it now.

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