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The Rise And Fall Of Famous US Singer, R Kelly; How He Met His Waterloo

US R& B singer R. Kelly has been convicted and now faces the prospect of spending decades in prison. The world has been shocked for years by claims of his inappropriate connections with children, including his marriage to the late singer Aaliyah.

R. Kelly’ s Survival Years Ago

Following the publication of the documentary Surviving R. Kelly, the claims drew worldwide outrage, giving courage to other victims who worried whether their voices would be heard. No one knew the worst was yet to come.

Before we talk about the fall of R. Kelly, permit me to also give small details of how positive he has impacted on people through his entertaining songs. Even during our childhood, we heard and played R. Kelly’ s songs.

The Rise Of R. Kelly Years Ago

When these claims first surfaced in the media a few years ago, they evoked strong emotions among those of us who grew up listening to R. Kelly’ s music. Because of the fresh approach he introduced to the game, he was one of those who taught me to love R& B and hip- hop music more. R. Kelly in indeed talented and ever ready to give out what the public crave for.

His influence on R& B music earned him memorable titles like ” King of R& B” and ” King of Pop- Soul. ” He was a force to be reckoned with in the game, and some of his great songs live on in our hearts to this day, and forever.

He sold millions of records worldwide, He was one of the most popular R& B male vocalists of the 1990s, and received several accolades for his services to the music industry. He was one of the industry’ s most beloved performers until charges of s*xual misbehavior surfaced in the media.

R. Kelly’ s Downfall, How He Met His Waterloo

For years, the artist was accused of s*xual abuse, particularly against young females, which he denied. However, when the documentary Surviving R. Kelly was published in 2019, documenting claims of abuse by many women, public attention was drawn to those charges, which had persisted for years.

On September 27th, he was convicted to be guilty of racketeering and s*x charges, and he may spend decades in jail. The day of May 4th, 2022, has been set aside for him to be sentenced.

During the trial, the federal prosecutor pointed to R. Kelly and said:

Photo credit: BBC

Some of his victims claimed to being molested by him while they were minors, claiming that Kelly is aggressive and domineering, and that he instructed them to refer to him as ” daddy. “

The victims’ statements are extremely frightening, and it is not surprise that the court reached this conclusion. One of the victims said that R. Kelly assaulted her regularly for five years, which began when she was 17 years old, and that the singer infected her with an STD during that time.

Another victim, Jerhonda Johnson Pace, stated in her account of her suffering at the hands of R. Kelly that R. Kelly knew she was underage when he took advantage of her. She went on to say that she had to obtain permission to use the restroom.

The Erroneous Use Of His Fame:

Based on the facts of this case, it is obvious that R. Kelly made use of his notoriety to exploit his victims. Kelly’ s victims included budding singers who believed Kelly could help them advance in their careers.

His victims were mainly chosen during performances, with the promise that he would assist them in their embryonic music careers. However, after joining his entourage, they realized that it was a ruse to entice women and children to abuse. And if they broke any of his regulations, they were harshly punished.

According to BBC reports, the court’ s judgment has provided some solace to his victims, who now hope that his conviction would help them begin the healing process.

This is indeed an eye opener to others who engage in such illegal act. Life is where we live once, we should be careful of how we live it, to avoid hurting or taking advantage of other people.

R. Kelly Found Guilty Of All Allegations Levelled Against Him

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