Did Remember Funke Akindele’s Apaadi SEE VIDEO

Did Remember Funke Akindele’s Apaadi SEE VIDEO

The veteran actress who has won awards, Actress Funke Akindele, who also served as the film’s proponent while portraying the King’s niece, is making her directorial debut.

Femi Adebayo received a nomination for best assisting actor for his outstanding performance for the Movie Academy Awards in the “best film in an African language” and “achievement in costume” categories.

Even though the movie “Apaadi” may not have included the most entrancing visible beauty, the situation is fantastic.

The protagonist of the tale is a bully crown prince who has little regard for authority figures. He walks around town causing destruction, and inadvertently, while doing so, he kills an elderly woman’s only child.

Shattered, the woman curses him by throwing seven pieces of a broken pot in seven different places. It then falls on seven princesses to go and break the curse that was placed on the crown prince.

In other to free the prince from the spiritual realm, the princesses have to leave their comfort zone in the palace into the forest to risk for the lifesaving of the prince.

Growing up, this was one of the movies that we contemplated as a sign of greatness in an industry strained with platitudes witches and wizard stories. Apaadi introduced another means of storytelling in our home movies.

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