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Reason The Police Officer Who Defied Lagos State Governor’s Order Should Not Be Condemned

Recall, in December, there was unrest at Magodo phase 2 estate in Lagos, after the invasion of police officers at the estate to execute a court judgement.

Well, there has been a closure of the Magodo estate gates in protest against the planned demolition of property in the estate.

There are also a heavy presence of over 50 armed policemen in Magodo Phase 2 Estate in Lagos state, reportedly sent by the IGP through the Attorney General of the federation.

The police officers together with members of the Shangisha Landlord Association came with bulldozers in an attempt to pull down properties within the estate.

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The governor of Lagos state visited the scene in a bid to intervene in the crises. He ordered the leader of the police team present at the scene to call his superiors to evacuate the officers.

However, the unidentified Chief Superintendent of Police, in a trending video, has refused to obey Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s order to evacuate police officers.

The governor asked that he makes a phone call and tell his superiors that they vacate the premises, but the officer told the governor that he only answers the instructions of his superiors. While asking the governor to make the phone call directly by himself as polite as possible.

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A lot of people have condemned the police officer for disobeying the governor, as he is the chief security officer of Lagos state. It’s like the chief of army staff disobeying a direct order from president Buhari.

However, the CSP should not entirely be blamed for his action, the police is a federal agency and the chief security of any state does not really control the police, especially when such police officer gets an order from the IG through the AGF.

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There are protocols he must follow before disengaging especially when the jurisdiction is limited.

The officer was caught in between, he has to disobey one party. Should he obey the governor immediately without getting confirmation from his superiors, he risk being sanctioned or might even loose his job in the process.

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