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Reason Why You Should Avoid Sleeping With Your Phone Next To Your Head

Are you always sleeping with your phone next to your head? If so, you need to stop that immediately because of their effect on the body. Mobile phones have crawled into almost all the nooks and crannies of life. Logging in to social media while in the loo, chatting on the couch, exchanging mushy messages, and calling your partner while he or she is not around, have all become a very common occurrence. Our phone has become like a second skin to us in the way it has managed to bring the world to our fingertips. And while this pricey little piece of electronics keeps us constant company while we are awake, it doubles up as an alarm while we sleep too. That is why the time we use social media needs to be regulated.

Have you ever wondered why it is not good to sleep with your phone next to your head? To understand what makes cell phones bad especially in bed, let us comprehend how this electronic gadget functions. A phone is just an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver. The fundamental job of a phone is to make calls, but presently a phone is also a medium to access the internet. All the data that goes out or comes into your phone is formed of electromagnetic waves. So many people do not know this and that is why they make the mistake of always keeping phones close to them.

Have you ever noticed how hot your phone gets if you have been on a call for a long time? If you are observant, you must have encountered that splitting headache or burning sensation in your eyes when you have been gazing at social media for too long. The simple reason behind all of this is the enormous amount of electromagnetic radiation that your tiny little phone emits. Numerous cancer research has asserted that the radiation emitted by mobile phones is highly probable to have carcinogenic properties. Several studies have backed this up and that is why we must be careful.

Keeping a cell phone close to you and especially next to your head is very dangerous. Staying close to a thing that emits or radiates deadly waves that can penetrate your cells and cause changes to your biochemistry is just one out of the numerous risks involved. Apart from being very carcinogenic, the heat and light radiated from your phones are wrecking to the eye, ears, and brain. If you keep it close to you while it is still on (not in aeroplane mode or switched off), you are constantly alert because of the incoming messages and notifications. This leads to risking stress levels, anxiety-related issues, insomnia, poor concentration and cognitive abilities, irritability, drop in productivity, and severe headaches. That is why everyone must find a way of doing away with phone for at least some hours a day and at night.

Everyone should adhere to the tips of this article.

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