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Ralf Rangnick Gives Update On Manchester United Captaincy And Squad Mentality

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest comments have led to fans questioning the mentality of the Manchester United squad. This comes following Ronaldo being made captain of the game while Harry Maguire was out due to injury. Ralf Rangnick has had his say on the captaincy and squad’s mentality.

Ronaldo’s comments proved to his supporters his excellent work ethic and how different it is from the rest of the squad. He conveyed how the youngsters should listen and learn from the senior players, but instead were found to ignore any such advice.

Rangnick said about the captaincy,“Right now I don’t see a reason to do that because Harry has been the captain so far and as long as Harry is playing he will be the captain,”Rangnick said.“If he’s not playing then someone else will have to be the captain. This can change from game to game just depending on who is playing.”

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The German boss was asked if he agreed with Ronaldo’s sentiment that there needs to be a shift in mentality from the team.

“I think this has to happen in every single training session and in every single game and of course it’s also about what happens after situations during the game,”Rangnick said. “If things don’t go the right way you have to behave in a certain manner and it’s also about being role models not only the older ones like Cristiano but also the younger ones and how you deal with those situations.”

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But does he believe they are lacking an elite mentality?

“In order to speak about that we need to discuss what mentality means,”Rangnick explained.“As I said, so far if one of our players in the game doesn’t give his very best and put all the effort into it then I will address that, you can be assured of that.”

“So far I haven’t seen that but with some players they start well. We speak about Marcus Rashford for example. I think in the first 20 minutes against Villa he was good, he was on fire, he was emotionally involved but then after the first 30 minutes he got worse and he didn’t play on the same kind of energetic level he did in the first half an hour.”

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“We need to speak about that, I do that regularly, does he need a helping hand? What does that take? So I don’t see any of the players don’t care about the club or who don’t want to perform to the best and highest possible level.”

United played rival Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa once again and a much need win to move up to the top 4 spots.

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