Prophet Racine,Evangelist Ruth Release Statement On TB Joshua’s First Death Anniversary

Racine and Ruth Bousso have released a joint message on the first anniversary of the death of their mentor and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua.

The couple released the statement, which is a transcript of a video message on Saturday, June 4, hours before Joshua’s memorial.

The transcript is also on their website RacineandRuth.Org.

Joshua died on Saturday, June 5, 2021, exactly a week before his 58th birthday.

Known from his SCOAN days as Prophet Racine, Bousso is one of the five wise men anointed by the late Joshua.

His wife, also a former senior member of SCOAN, is popularly known as Evangelist Ruth.

Loved by SCOAN members all over the world, Racine and Ruth said in their message “We strongly believe in destiny – God’s unseen hand.

“For it was God who brought us to His prophet in the first place, it was God who took him when He did, and God who allowed us to be where we are at this very moment. Who then is the principal character in this story? In this unimaginable journey, the principal character has to be God – if not, nothing will ever make sense.

“Ruth and I have decided since our marriage to keep quiet and surrender our lives and ways under the leading of God, who has assigned to each human being a destiny. The Lord is revealing to us His plan for our lives as we are at His feet.

“On the occasion of June 5, 2022, one year since our beloved mentor was called Home, it is a time to reflect on the memories of yesterday, the joys of today and the dreams of tomorrow.

“Our beloved mentor, it is already June 5th, one year since you departed; this is a time to reflect on the memories of yesterday, the joys of today and the dreams of tomorrow.”

Speaking further, the couple said “Prophet TB Joshua is no longer in our midst today, but his works outlive him.

“Therefore, there are no natural words that can express what you mean to us. Daddy, we thank you! We are ever ready to preach Christ’s Word and to continue the work of salvation by His grace.

“As a mentor, you have played your role in our lives by positioning us for God’s special attention and service.

“The treasures God has imparted to us through your mentorship and the constant life-changing lessons we received from you have prepared us for Christ’s mission.

“We shall meet you in Heaven when our earthly assignment has come to an end. The duty you have bestowed upon us to carry on Christ’s mission is now our focus.

“As Jesus promised in Matthew 10:21,22, none of those who served Jesus Christ, in Spirit and truth, under the mentorship of Prophet TB Joshua will lose the reward of the prophet.”

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