Presidential Ticket: I’m Intoxicated, Didn’t Expect to Win – Tinubu

The newly emerged presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, said he was intoxicated because he didn’t expect to win the primary election.

Addressing delegates after he was declared winner Wednesdayat the Eagles Square, the APC presidential candidate said he was not expecting the victory, hence intoxicated by the victory.

The excited Tinubu said: “I did not expect to win and I have won and intoxicated by the victory.

“Today is another historic day and we thank God Almighty that we are alive to witness today. It has gone beyond the party and become a Nigerian project. We are very grateful to President Muhammadu Buhari and his supportive vice president.

“I also thank the Senate President I would have been upset that you competed with me but you can easily leak your wound.

To the chairman of our party, it appeared some weeks back that some newspapers and many people are willing to write the obituary of this party. But we pull out as a cat of nine lives. We batched the roof and steady the pillars. Shame to those already building the coffin of the APC.

To the Progressive Governors Forum, we are truly Progressive. We are confidence that this nation is back on track. I didn’t know what I did right that gave you the confidence to nominate me as the candidate of the party.

“We will worry and eliminate the intruders in the party. No intruders, no destroyers can bring Nigeria backward. I must thank our men on uniform for sacrifices and fight for the survival of this country. You will get reward and enjoy your sweat.

“I salute my wife for enduring my long absence but I have told her that I chose politics ahead of Accounting because that is the best way I can make impact in repositioning the country.”

While commending other aspirants that contrasted against him, Tinubu said: “The competition is now over and those that did not support me has nothing to fear. I hold no grudges against you. We must work together to defeat the PDP and their retrogressive ideals.

“They (PDP) left us with hunger, and we must do everything to defeat the agents of poverty, terror and lies. They are the creator of abandoned projects and they can’t count. They don’t even know arithmetic. They are known for their container economy.

“We will dredge Calabar and make it hub. We will fabricate engine and revive our economy to compete with other big economies of the world,” he promised.

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