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President Buhari Gets 14-days Ultimatum to Sack Army Chief, NYSC Boss

President Muhammadu Buhari has been given a 14-days ultimatum by the Woman Group, known as Concerned Nigerian Women (CNW) to Sack the National Youth Service Corp Boss, Brigadier General S. Ibrahim, and the Army Chief, Lt. General F. Yahaya over the recent harassment of a female Private Soldier for accepting a proposal from a male Corps Member.


According to Daily Independent, the Women’s Rights group led by Bimbola Olatenwaju describe this development as an apparent show of disdain for Women and berated the NYSC Boss for the way he handled the issue, adding that he outrightly condemned the Private Female soldier while addressing the issue in a press conference.

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The group called the attention of all Nigerians to the fact that the provision in the Nigeria Military was that female soldiers must serve for three years before they could get married, which is the case the army made as their reason for arresting her.

But in her defense, the female soldier had not breached this as she merely accepted a proposal for marriage which could take up to 10 years before she finally decides to get married officially.

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The group further asked if such provision is also applicable to male soldiers and promised to go the extra mile to endeavor that the female soldier was not harassed or discriminated against because of her gender, as this would be a clear violation of her rights as stated in Section 42 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended, which states that no Nigerian should be discriminated for any reason on grounds of gender.

However, the group has threatened that since the fundamental human Rights of this female soldier had been violated, it promises to lead a Powerful Protest to key institutions like the Human Rights Commission, British High Commission, Ministry of Women Affairs, United States Embassy, and even the Presidential Villa if the focus of the army is not removed from her in one week time.

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