Popular Islamic Scholar Dies Suddenly [PHOTOS]

Popular Islamic Scholar Dies Suddenly [PHOTOS]

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, the founder of DiscoverU and AlMaghrib Institute in Texas, USA, has passed away suddenly.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the deceased was a giant in the Muslim Ummah. He died on Thursday.

A statement by his camp on Thursday night reads: “He taught us the power of Dua, and to always rely on Allah. He raised a nation of Dua makers in all of us.

“So today, we ask Allah to make us all a hujjah for him in the Akhirah, for everything he taught us to be counted in his scale of good deeds with him, and that Allah beautifies his reception, forgive him his sins, and enter him into Al-FirdawsContinue Reading

“Shaykh Muhammad was healthy with no illness, but life is not promised.

“He was someone who took full advantage of his time spending it on what mattered most and what would lead to goodness in the Akhirah.

“He has always said that the identity he aspires to be is that of a righteous man (as Najashi was described by the Prophet – “today a righteous man has died”). We pray that with Allah, he is entered among the righteous. A true nation-builder.

“May all of his work continue to be a sadaqah jariyah for him until the Day of Judgment.

“May Allah grant his family patience in this difficult time.

“Please keep him, and his family, in your Duas.”

Co-scholar, Yasir Qadhi expressed his sadness at the news. “I am at a loss for words,” Qadhi said via Facebook.

“When I first arrived as a new student in Madinah, it was Muhammad AlShareef who mentored me and gave me advice. Walking between classes, he told me of his vision one day to open up a teaching seminary and spread this knowledge we were learning to thousands of others. Years later, when he did open it up, he reached out to me while I was a graduate student, and convinced me to join.

“I owe him more than words can describe. He was a true visionary, and his legacy will be felt for generations to come.

“He had no previous illnesses or disease, but death can come to any of us at any time.
Allah forgive him and raise his ranks!”

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