Police Intensify Search For Three Pregnant Women, 14 Others Kidnapped In Abuja

Gunmen reportedly disguised in police uniforms have abducted at least 17 people from an unspecified location in Abuja.

The incident was shared by one of the victims on Twitter with the handle, @Ameerah_sufyan, at about 1:16 pm on Tuesday, indicating to her followers and Nigerians she had been abducted.

The Psychotherapist, as displayed on her Twitter biography disclosed that she had sent a broadcast message of her location through WhatsApp.

“Please whoever has my WhatsApp number I sent a broadcast message of my location, we were abducted at gunpoint by people with police uniforms and a van from our houses from different parts of Abuja, we’re 17 including 3 pregnant women and two little kids, they didn’t see my phone.

“They’re 4 Yoruba and two Fulani men They divided us up an hour ago we’re 7 here. The other vehicle they said they will reach Ilorin and ours will reach Ibadan or Ikeja as they said.”

Following the alarm raised, those who had access to the details of her location, took to Twitter to share the Coordinates of the kidnappers as they journeyed through Karu (Nasarawa); Jema’a (Kaduna) and Jos (Plateau) respectively.

The Federal Capital Territory command while reacting to the uproar on Twitter said, “Investigation is in progress, we thank everyone for the many helpful information coming in from all quarters and urge all to exercise calm and patience as we get to the root of this.”

In addition, the command, through its Deputy Public Relations Officer, ASP Oduniyi Omotayo said, “There was no formal report of any abduction/ kidnapping in The FCT today”.

Omotayo noted that although reports from many “online sources tag the case as an alleged kidnapping, this would have to be one of the most unique incidents of its kind.’

He added, “That a victim has access to her phone to post useful information about her whereabouts remains unconventional to such crime yet a beam of hope for all, the Police inclusive.

“The FCT Police Command has since drafted the Tactical and Intelligence apparatus on the case upon the receipt of the information to rescue all involved and get to the root of the matter.”

Meanwhile, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to pour out their prayers for the safety of the abducted persons whose last location was seen somewhere in Kaduna at about 5:07 pm.

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