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If You Place Cut Lemons in A Bowl By Your Bedside Every Night, These 3 Things Will Happen!

If you want to see the power of lemon works a small miracle in your life, try this trick. Place three cut lemons in a bowl by your bedside every night.

Here are just a few things that will happen.

1. Your room will smell wonderful.

They work better than an aerosol spray or room freshener that will just unload chemicals into your environment.

Get a freshly scented room by slicing open lemons and leaving them in a bowl overnight. You’ll never want to use those toxic sprays again.

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2. You’ll breathe better.

If you suffer from asthma, or you have a cold or allergies, breathing in the lemon-filled air all night will improve your breathing. You’ll awake with a clear head and a clear throat.

3. You’ll awake refreshed.

If you’re someone who hates to wake up and often feels sluggish in the morning, that will end once you inhale the lemony perfume.

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Lift the bowl of lemons to your face and breathe in. You’ll feel an instant hit of energy and well-being that’s far better, and far better for you, than a jolt of caffeine or a sugar-filled energy drink.

It’s been shown that seeing something bright and cheerful first thing in the morning instantly improves your mood.

A bowl of sunny lemons is just the ticket to lift your gray morning spirits and make you take on the day with a smile.

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Go grab a bag of lemons today and put them to use making your life healthier, happier and more beautiful.

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