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PDP has scheduled its national convention for October

Leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have scheduled the party’s national elective convention for the end of October, despite growing calls for the resignation of Prince Uche Secondus, the party’s national chairman, as the party’s national chairman.

It was originally scheduled to take place on December 6, but stakeholders in the party, including 13 governors, the Board of Trustees, and other organs of the party, decided to move the convention forward in order to appease anti-Secondus forces who have been campaigning for his removal for the past few months.

Sokoto state governor and chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum, Aminu Tambuwal, told newsmen after the two-and-a-half-hour meeting that the party’s National Executive Committee, NEC, meeting will take place next week after which a convention planning committee will be established.

It was agreed at this meeting that a National Executive Committee meeting should be called immediately to form the national convention planning committee, and that a National Convention be held no later than the end of October at the earliest possible time.

The Board of Trustees, governors, former governors, former senators, the former Presiding Officer of the National Assembly, and other stakeholders are pleased to announce that they have met and resolved to continue working as a united family.

In addition, he stated that the party’s zoning committee should be established immediately by the same NEC, and that the party’s national executive committee would meet next week to address all of the issues raised.

Governor Tambuwal has announced that Secondus will convene the NEC meeting in his capacity as the party’s chairman, as previously announced.

Prior to that, in his opening remarks, Tambuwal urged Nigerians to disregard rumors that more governors would defect from the PDP ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The presence of 13 of your governors, your ambassadors, in this meeting demonstrates that they are fully committed to not only resolving the issues at hand, but also to working assiduously toward delivering good governance in our respective states and moving our party forward.

We have made a decision; we are committed to remaining in the PDP, I am speaking on behalf of my colleagues.”

The rumor that one of these distinguished leaders is leaving is to be dismissed without further consideration.

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“We are members of the PDP, and we intend to remain members of the PDP, and by the grace of God, we will be working together to save Nigeria.

“If you say you’re going somewhere, where exactly are you going? ” The All Progressives Congress, also known as the APC, is not a political party.

They do not have a ward structure at the time of writing. At the time of writing, they do not have a local government structure. As of right now, they do not have any state structures. They do not have a national structure at the time of writing.

“APC has never had, and does not currently have, a Board of Trustees. So, what are your plans for the future? Are you planning to defect to the United States government?

“Because of this, the federal government is not present. Inquire with my colleagues who are members of APC.

“One of them came out to say that when his students were abducted, he did not see anyone to help them. He received no assistance from the federal government, and he serves as the governor of the APC. So, what exactly are we discussing?”

According to him, there is no political party to defect from, and there is no government to defect from. Our best course of action is to stick together and work together to reinvent our party and work towards the establishment of a government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

”We are committed to resolving all of the issues we are facing, and you will soon hear from us about our own views and positions as your children, as people whom you have facilitated and assisted to be elected to office, rather than as your financiers.”

Meanwhile, protesters surrounded the PDP’s national secretariat on Tuesday, chanting for the removal of the party’s national chairman and demanding his resignation.

They held placards with inscriptions such as “Red card Secondus,” “Secondus should resign,” and “Secondus must go now” while chanting “Secondus Must Go.” The protesters were organized under the auspices of the Arewa PDP Support Group, which organized the demonstration.

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In an interview with Yahaya Salisu, the group’s leader explained that they were calling for Secondus’ removal because he had failed to strengthen the party since he was elected president in 2017.

In a letter addressed to the Chairman, PDP Board of Trustees (BoT) dated August 10, signed by the National Coordinator and National Secretary, Desmond Minakaro, the leader stated, “The Arewa PDP Support Group met with its 19 Northern states coordinators in Kaduna on August 5, 2023 and deliberated extensively on the state of affairs of our party, the PDP. ”

After hours of deliberation and consideration of the overall situation, including the crisis that is roiling the party and a possible course of action, we came to our conclusions.

Meanwhile, all 13 PDP governors, including Mohammed Mahdi Gusau, the deputy governor of Zamfara state, as well as former Senate Presidents David Mark and Bukola Saraki, were in attendance at the PDP meeting in Abuja, Nigeria.

Over 10,000 Nigerians have registered as new members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in less than 24 hours after the scheme was launched, according to Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo state, who chairs the PDP e-registration committee.

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