The Owo Cathedral Murder, Morning After

AKUREIt was the Pentecost Day. Many worshippers were eager to praise God Al­mighty and receive the touch of the Holy Spirit like in the days of the Disciples of Christ Jesus. This they do every day they gather to worship, but Sunday, June 5, 2022, was unique because the Catholic faithful relive the experience of the disciples in the upper room.

The turnout was encour­aging and they danced to the rhythm of music produced by the choristers as they sang praises to God. As usual, the officiating priest was about to round off the mass (service) to dismiss the worshippers. But the unexpected happened. Another rhythm blared, the staccato produced by lethal cold metal brandished by “some infidels, sons of Luci­fer”, shooting sporadically at everyone at sight in and with­in the church premises.

The reveling worshippers weren’t expecting this; they scampered to different exits seeking safety. While some lay flat on the floor, and the back of the altar, others took refuge behind the church doors.

The terrorists launched dynamite into the church and the great eruption that followed ripped apart wor­shippers’ limbs with flesh and blood splattered on the church ceiling and floor.

Many of those who dashed out of the church was cut down by the bullets of the assault rifles of the beasts in human skin. A few successful­ly beat the speed of the bullets, scaling the church perimeter wall. Some did with bullet wounds on their legs.

Satisfied with the mag­nitude of evil they have wreaked on the church, the killers zoomed off in a VW Golf car, leaving dead bodies, blood and tears behind. Fam­ilies, sympathisers stormed the church to rescue relatives, victims and take them to the public medical centres to re­ceive medical attention.

Cries and hues of victims and sympathisers rendered the air. Those who sustained injuries but still breathing were rushed to the Federal Medical Centre and St. Louis Hospital at different locations in the town. Some of the survi­vors traumatically went home unscathed and those with mi­nor injuries went home with their families.

A visit to the Emergency Unit of FMC revealed the magnitude of the inhumanity meted out to the victims by the infidels. Legs were suspended, heads and arms wrapped in white bandages dotted with blood stains and solutions ap­plied on the wounds.

Minds skipped at the sight of some of the victims on the hospital beds. Most pathetic and scary among them is a woman whose two legs, from the upper part of her thighs, were ripped off by the dynamite.

Mrs. Adisa Margret is her name. She’s 43 and a nurse at the state General Hos­pital. The horrific picture her appearance on the bed brought to the heart of every sound-minded and humane person revealed the horror unleashed on the worshippers at St Francis Catholic Church on a fateful day.

It was heartrending when it was discovered that Mrs. Adisa was in the church to cel­ebrate with her family friend who was offering Thanksgiv­ing to God. She’s not a member of the church; she’s an Angli­can by denomination. To her, she can serve God wherever His word is being preached.

After the Thanksgiving service, she stayed behind to worship God in the Church till the end of the mass. The priest was talking about God, besides, there’s a slight vari­ance in the mode of worship in Catholic and Anglican.

But that was a great deci­sion that would remain indel­ible in her heart for the rest of her life.

The mother of four was still wriggling in pain on the following day in the hospital bed. Her two legs were gone and the remaining parts were covered with bandages.

Her face was also dotted with wounds covered with white wool. Likewise, her two hands were only luckier than her limbs but had some wounds already treated by the health workers on duty.

What remains a mystery to everyone is why the ter­rorists operated without any resistance from any security agencies in the state, includ­ing the Ondo State Security Network, otherwise known as Amotekun Corps?

The assailants zoomed off in their get-away car with the satisfaction of a mission ac­complished.

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