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Osun state couple death: How husband and wife die togeda inside house, dia burial and di mata so far

Tears, cry and sadness full ground on dat day, Thursday, 7, October, 2021 as pipo wey dey mourn gada di compound to witness as dem put for ground and bury di couple, husband and wife. Di atmosphere na one of great sorrow.

Di couple die di same day and dem bury dem di same day, for inside different coffins but di same white colour for dia compound, where pipo bin find dia deadi body on di floor of dia dining room.

Reports say na on Friday, 1, October, di sad incident hapun, for Ireti Ayo community along Ijebu-Jesa road, Ilesa, Osun State, di couple na 55-year-old Mr Olasunkanmi Eso and im wife 50-year-old Mrs Fisayo Eso.

Neighbours wey later enta di apartment say dem see di deadi bodi of di couple for di floor of dia apartment for di dining section, na dat perhaps too spark tori say dem fit don die from food poisoning becos dem find dem close to dia dining table.

Before dia death, di couple be pastor and deaconess for di Last Days Deliverance Miracle Ministry, for Agbala, Irapada, Ilesha.

Dia death shock dia family and commuinty.

Wetin hapun

No be only di couple dey house di day dem die. Dia house help wey be about 10 years old day di house with dem.

Di police bin carry di girl go dia custody to question am and investigate di mata. But dem later stop di investigation on di request of di children.

Di children of di late couple no gree speak directly to di media but BBC Pidgin find out from pesin wey close to one of dem say na di small girl raise alarm dat day and bin dey cry wen she find di deadi body of di couple dem.

Crowd gada for di couple compound to witness dia burial
Crowd gada for di couple compound to witness dia burial

‘Death by poison’

Di couple family no gree tok to tori pipo about wetin hapun.

Tori bin dey fly upandan say na poison kill di couple. But e no dey confamed.

BBC Pidgin tori pesin tok to pesin wey close to di family and di source say di allegation say na di house girl poison di couple no dey confam. Tori be say dem request for di release of di house-girl from police hand.

Di police bin one do autopsy to determine di cause of death of di couple but get to stop afta di children request for di body of dia parents to go bury am.

But di police tok-tok pesin for di state SP. Yemisi Opalola tell BBC Pidgin say dia first suspicion na say na generator fumes kill dem as dem see generator for di house but na autopsy for fit confam am.

Pipo gada to mourn di late couple for dia compound  
Di tori of di late couple death shock di community of Ireti-Ayo

“Fumes of di gen bin dey di house, na wetin we first suspect so we bin want autopsy to confam but we ask dem to do am but di children come, di first and second child, dem say dem no want do any wahala dem wan bury dia parents and police no go fit use dia money do autopsy, e suppose be with di support of family but we no get support from dem so na so e end.” Di PPRO tok.

Crowd gada for di couple compound to witness dia burial
Crowd for di couple compound on di day dem bury

Cases of death by generator for Nigeria no be today

Since dem no do autopsy, e no dey confam w actually kill di couple.

But di suspicion of di police say e fit be generator poison no dey too far away.

For 2008, reports say at least 17 pipo die for one prayer meeting for Isiala-Ngwa community for Abia state afta dem breathe in bad smoke from dia generator while dem dey sleep.

Since den till now, reports continue to dey troop in once-once of deaths from suspected generator smoke poisoning.

For di same Osun state for August dis year, police tok-tok pesin Opalola, say at least seven pipo na im dem find dead inside rooms for one house afta dem suspectedly breathe in poison of carbon monoxide (generator fume).

Di incident of generator smoke poisoning continue to be tori wey dey come up-again-and-again becos of di palava of power outage wey Nigeria dey battle with.

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