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Oh No! See Reasons Why Buhari Can’t Fight Corruption, Terrorism

Jonathan Vatsa, an APC stalwart, says the country is collapsing despite President Muhammadu Buhari’ s All Progressives Congress government’ s attempts to combat corruption. As a result, he feels Nigeria needs a new, more proactive approach to apprehending criminals who steal money.

Why It’ s So Difficult For Buhari To Combat Terrorism

Corruption is the major reason why Buhari can’ t fight terrorism and not the fact that the country is not equipped, skilled and intelligent.


The administration has had to deal with more security difficulties thus far; corrupt individuals have been welcomed with open arms and given red carpet treatment. As a member of the APC, I believe we have failed Nigerians by failing to deliver on our promises. Mr. President is surrounded by corrupt people who, predictably, sabotage his anti- corruption efforts. Mr. President, on the other hand, needs to reconsider his strategy and utilize new tactics.


President Buhari promised to fight corruption, eradicate terrorism, and improve the economy, but the economy continues to deteriorate, and corrupt individuals are welcomed back into the system that should have brought them to justice.

There are corrupt APC members as well as non- partisans who were used to siphon money: politicians and non- politicians alike. Indeed, the dispute between the two major parties, the APC and the PDP, can be compared to Cain and Abel, who were born to the same parents in the Bible. God accepted one of the offerings but rejected the other. They are, after all, children of the same parents. Mr. President, you should halt the influx of defectors.


People are starving to death, and insecurity has spread over the country. One of his key responsibilities is security, rather than accepting defectors who should be prosecuted. President Buhari has even nominated a minister who is under investigation for corruption. So, how can he fight corruption when he is surrounded by corrupt individuals? If our purpose is to receive defectors rather than to protect people’ s lives and property, we (APC) have failed.


Could It Be That Buhari Is Supporting, Terrorism As Speculated?

This is completely absurd! The rate at which Mr. President receives defectors is also a type of corruption. It shows that the President is a supporter of corruption. Receiving into the APC individuals who have been labeled as corrupt or who are under investigation for corruption is comparable to corruption.


Instead of politicians who have corruption cases hanging over their heads and are seeking refuge, he should have been receiving military and other security personnel who were injured while fighting terrorists; police officers who were attacked by bandits; or students who are innovating– building cars, planes, and being technologically proficient. The truth should be told to him by others in his immediate surroundings.

Steps Buhari Needs To Take To Fight Corruption

First and first, Mr. President should quit listening to individuals who would not tell him the truth; they are only singing his praises and feeding him lies. Nigeria is in a precarious position.


If Buhari’ s anti- corruption campaign isn’ t yielding results, he should change his approach. And I’ ll recommend that he change the color and some elements of the currencies, as well as issue an order requiring everyone to change their currencies within three weeks.


If he wants to reduce corruption to a minimum, he should give it a chance. He promised Nigerians that he would tackle corruption, but it appears that his efforts are not yielding the desired results. He should order that all currency notes’ features, particularly the colors, be replaced and that everyone take their money to any commercial bank within 20 days to have it changed.

President Buhari should change the color of the N20 and N1000 notes. On the new N1000 note, the national green color should be utilized, and on the N20 note, the N1000 color should be used. In addition, the N500 note should be replaced with the N50 note and vice versa. Because Mr. President must fight corruption both internally and externally, this is the case. Because he only looks outside, he isn’ t succeeding in his fight against corruption. On the inside, there’ s a lot of corruption.

I have a simple suggestion: he should order the colors of the currencies to be swapped in 21 days, or three weeks, and then we’ ll know who’ s hiding money in their houses, farms, and other places. This would also help in the fight against banditry, as they will be forced to reveal any money they have concealed or hidden. All individuals who have taken money from those they have kidnapped must go to banks to change their money to be apprehended; armed bandits and kidnappers must also go to banks to change their money.


I am certain that this method will aid Mr. President in his fight against corruption, and that he will see some results. He is finding it tough to battle corruption because it is both inside and external.

How The Steps Will Work

These steps will be successful, especially since that the Bureau de Change (BDCs) no longer have as much authority as they formerly had. Because if the BDCs were functioning properly, these dishonest people who have hidden and stockpiled stolen assets would flock to them to exchange their monies for foreign currencies.


I encourage you, Mr. President, to examine this option and see how you can combat corruption and recover looted funds in less than a month. He will win by a substantial margin even if he does not win the election in its entirety.

Those who have money in their bank accounts are in no danger because their financial conditions are secure. The banks will also adopt the new colors. Those who have concealed or stolen money will be forced to come out to exchange it for the new notes. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), and other government financial crime agencies can then concentrate their efforts on the corrupt individuals who have depleted our country and brought us to this low point.


The objective is those who have robbed the commonwealth of Nigeria’ s common people. Those in possession of our stolen funds should be apprehended.

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