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You Should Not Ask Your Woman The Following Questions Because She Might Hate You.

There are certain questions that ladies don’t like being asked. Dear men, you should not ask your woman the following questions because she might hate you.

In a relationship, some things should be noted to ensure that a relationship lasts long. Women are emotionally fragile. There are certain questions they don’t like being asked. Dear men, you should not ask your woman the following questions because she might hate you.
Who were you talking to over the phone?CLICK TO READ MORE NEWS

Sometimes, men can be jealous when their beloved women make calls with other men. However, even if you want to know who your woman talks to, asking this question makes a woman uncomfortable.
Why do women hate this question?

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The question irritates women. To her, asking this question sounds as if you don’t trust her. She feels as if she is not trusted and as if she is being accused of other affairs. She feels as if she is prevented from associating with male friends.

On that note, women are very selective and categoric. They group people and that is why you will find that it’s not everyone a woman smiles with is in her heart. To her, others are just normal friends.
How was your ex-boyfriend and what did you like about him?

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This is a question that many women hate being asked. A woman could avoid you because of asking her his question.
Why do women hate this question?

Well, every woman feels that whatever is in the past should not be brought to the present especially as far as relationships are concerned. Breakups hurt women and make them want to forget their past relationships. If you ask her about her past relationships, it reminds her of what she went through.
Why do you love me and how much do you love me?

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Women do not like this question. It makes them feel doubted yet they give all their love. Thank you for reading this article. What other questions do you think that men should not ask women? Let’s add to the list.


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