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Never Use These Words During A Fight With Your Man …



You need to treat your man with respect, even when you’re pissed at him. It’s hard to do, but it’s certainly possible if you know how to handle yourself. Here are a few words that you should never use when you’re in the middle of a fight with your man:

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1 Fault

You don’t want to place blame. Even if he’s the only one who did anything wrong, you still don’t want to treat him like he’s some sort of criminal.TAP HERE TO READ ORIGINAL

2 Goodbye

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You shouldn’t break up with him after one little fight. You shouldn’t leave to stay the night at your ex’s house, either. Think before you say your goodbyes.

3 Idiot

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You shouldn’t resort to name calling, even if he’s acting like a complete idiot. There are nicer ways for you to phrase things.

4 Wrong

Don’t flat-out say that he’s wrong, even if it’s the truth. It’ll just set him off. Instead, explain why he’s wrong as calmly as you can.

5 (curses)

Even if you aren’t cursing at him, you should try to avoid using curse words while you explain why you’re angry. They’ll make you sound much more intense than you want to sound.

6 Always/never

Don’t say that he never does anything for you. “Never” is a strong word, and it’ll be easy for him to argue against the accusation.

7 Hate

Don’t tell him that you hate him. You know you don’t mean it, but he might be fooled into believing it’s the truth.

8 (ex’s Name)

Unless you two are fighting about an ex, there’s no reason for you to bring your exes up. If you say you wish your man were more like your ex, then you’re asking for a breakup.

9 Whatever

If he tells you why he’s upset with you, be respectful by listening to him. If you say, “whatever” and brush it off like it’s no big deal, you’re only going to upset him more.

10 Don’t Care

If your man is speaking, then you should care. His feelings should matter to you more than anything.

11 Mother

There’s no reason to bring your parents or his parents into the fight. If you say something nasty about his family, he’s never going to forget it.

12 Liar

No one likes to be called a liar. If you accuse him of cheating or lying, expect him to fly off the handle.

13 Chill

If you tell him to calm down, it’s only going to make him angrier. It’s ironic, but that phrase never helps in the middle of an argument.

14 Kill

Don’t threaten to kill him or to kill yourself. There’s no reason to bring violence into the equation.

15 I Don’t Know

If he asks you why you did something mean to him, don’t tell him that you don’t know why you did it. That’s not an acceptable answer.

16 Divorce

Don’t threaten him with a divorce or a breakup, just to get your way. You should play fair.

17 (nothing)

You don’t want to stay silent during a fight. If you just let him yell at you, and don’t try to come to a compromise with him, then your issues will never be resolved.

Unless you want to cause a breakup, you should watch the way you talk to your partner, even when you’re pissed. What other words do you avoid using when you’re fighting with your man?

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