Nadia Coached You Well – Fans React As John Dumelo’s Wife Shockingly Reveals Her Hidden 1-Year-Old Daughter

John Dumelo’s wife Gifty got pregnant, gave birth and raised her child to 1-year-old without anyone in the media knowing about it.

Dumelo’s new daughter was unveiled to the world today after turning 1, and fans are praising the couple for hiding things so well.

One person that we didn’t expect getting credit for their secretive nature? – Nadia Buari.

Nadia is Gifty’s best friend and also one of the most secretive celebrities of all time.

Hell, she has four kids and to date, no one has seen the face of even one of them!

After Gifty’s successful mission hiding her pregnancy and delivery, fans have praised her.

Some said she probably got guidelines from Nadia, since they’re besties.

Blogger thosecalledcelebs shared Gifty’s post outdooring her daughter and praised her decision to hide the pregnancy and the child.

“Have learned something today… SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Privacy is everything 🙌 ✨️… so all this while…They were expecting a new babe… and they kept it a secret and now the beautiful babe girl who looks exactly like the father is even celebrating her birthday 🎂 … wow,” she wrote.

A fan chimed in to say Nadia probably gave her the idea for it.

“His wife is besties with Nadia Buari bia 😄….. she taught her well,” the fan said.

Since Nadia just shared a video playing around with Gifty back when she was pregnant, that is probably exactly what happened!

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