He Must Be from Igbo: Smart Little Boy Markets His Mother’s Human Hairs in Unique Manner, Video Goes Viral

A video of a young boy marketing his mother’s human hairs to prospective customers has gone viral on social media
In the video, the smart boy was seen prostrating to everyone before calling out the names of the hairs
Although he made some mistakes at some point, Nigerians have however applauded the little child for his marketing skills

A smart little boy has become a topic of discussion after marketing his mother’s human hairs on Instagram.

In the video spotted on @mufasatundeednut’s page, the young boy was seen bowing his head to greet everyone before proceeding with his marketing.

He pointed at the first hairs and called out their names. At some points, he made mistakes and was corrected by a lady who stood beside him.
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The video has caused a frenzy online as social media users pen down hilarious comments regarding the incident.

Kamara Jacob said:

“This one na correct igbo boy. It’s the greeting for me.”

Joseph Frup wrote:

“Na only burgundy colour this boy know o. All the colours na bugundru. Maybe na em best colour be that. ”

Rolexofficialwears noted:

“This one na correct marketer oooo. Which kind of marketing be this abeg? See errors. .”

Joseph Aitufe21 maintained:

“He will definitely be a very good marketer. From his face, he is willing to learn well.”

Jeremiah Okonkwo noted:

“He is so cute but I think he is scared of his mother with the way he looks at her. He is trying so hard to impress her and make her happy.”

Great Uche added:

“The way he calls the burgundy is making me laugh. Everything na bugundry.”

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Source: Legit.ng

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