A Message to Kelly: Man Introduces Dancer to Christ, Preaches & Prays for Her, Viral Video Stirs Reactions

A young man has sent a message to Popular Kelly, saying she needs to be careful as her popularity grows daily
Ontonio preached and prayed for the TikTok star, hoping that her soul will be connected to Christ and her fame will not be her downfall
Many people who reacted to his video agreed with him as they said that most people will love Kelly does it for what they can see on her

As the popularity of Kelly keep growing, a young man called Ontonio Dawson, has in a video preached about Christ to the TikTok superstar.

He said that many guys are only lusting about her curves amid her popularity without telling her about Christ Jesus.
He hopes Kelly makes the right decision.

Ontonio, therefore, prayed that she does not make the wrong decision in the distractions that comes with being famous. The preacher said:

“…I want to send a message to you, and I hope it finds you well. So many guys here are only lusting after your curves but today I want to introduce you to Christ. As I go to the church today I pray that that power of God will be with you.”

The man also hoped that the popularity will build her character. He prayed that Kelly’s soul will be connected to God.

Watch the video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

“so true because it look suspicious why all of a sudden everyone talking about her in general we all need prayer amen.”

“we need such people in this cruel world.”

“Important too much attention might be packaged by devil himself.”

“amen my brother. a lot of people underestimate the power of spirits just because we cant see them. all this Kelly hype is the spirit of jazebel.”

“Purest intention I have come across TikTok… God for us all.”

“seriously I don’t see what the fuss is about she’s average pretty looking but yes don’t just pray for Kelly pray for all the ladies out there Amen.”

“I’m just tired of this Kelley business.”

Joyy said:

“did you guys hear what he says Kelly’s curves so he noticeing Kelly too, sir why are you preaching to Kelly now.”

“Everyone using Kelly’s name for their own personal gain.”

Man drew Kelly

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a young artist with the TikTok handle @israelderrick1 has joined the league of fans who are in full admiration of Kelly.

In this latest video, a young man took his time to make a full pen art of Kelly. In the artwork, the TikToker has her tongue stuck out in her signature look.

Many people praised @israelderrick for making a good artwork on the trending lady and dedicating it to her.

Source: Legit.ng

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