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Here Is What It Means When Your Urine Is Foamy

The lack of knowledge on different health conditions has led to the death of many people. That is why it is important we must all strive for health awareness to avert the dangers of the disease. There have been cases of people passing out foamy urine but very few know its actual cause.

Studies have shown that when foam appears continually, it can also suggest the existence of proteins in the urine which can be due to problems like kidney stones or rampant high blood pressure. In these cases, it is very important to see a health expert and ascertain the cause.

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There are cases when your urine can get foamy when there are cleaning products in the toilet bowl, for example, that end up reacting with the urine and creating foam. Take note that foamy urine is not a sign of pregnancy, but may suggest preeclampsia, which is a complication that can lead to seizures or coma if left untreated. When this occurs, it is also good you seek the help of a medical expert.

Other causes of foamy urine include;

1. Speed of urination

A full bladder can make your urine may come out too quickly and foam up when it hits the toilet bowl. However, this type of foam usually vanishes in a few minutes and is not indicative of serious problems. You can reduce the effect of this by not holding your one for too long.

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2. Dehydration

When you do not consume enough water, it can make you dehydrated, and your urine becomes more concentrated and foamier. Urine also becomes darker in colour and may smell stronger. Always stay hydrated to avoid it.

3. Presence of protein in the urine

This is one of the major causes of foamy urine. Excessive protein may ensue after intense physical exercise, excessive intake of protein supplements, or may be indicative of kidney problems, untreated high blood pressure and diabetes. Always seek the help of a health expert because this can be dangerous to your health.


4. Urinary infection

An affected urinary tract can cause bacteria to enter the bladder thus leading to foamy urine. Also, try and seek the help of a medical expert if you begin to face this condition.

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