Mazi Igwilo's heart is still broken after his bride was taken away by the internet three years ago. - OLAMORE
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Mazi Igwilo’s heart is still broken after his bride was taken away by the internet three years ago.



It’s been almost 3 years since Honourable Igwilo had his enemies pour sand in his garri.

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After enduring sexual starvation for about 50 years, Comrade Igwilo finally managed to land the woman of his dream. This girl who came packaged in person of one Chinwe, a mother of one is said to be 16.

That traditional marriage day was the happiest day of Mazi Igwilo’s life. He was finally going to climb a woman and know what life is like inside skirt with one’s stick buried in a juicy hole.

In celebratory mode, well wishers stormed the social media space with congratulatory massages and the photos from their wedding, to celebrate the celebrants and wish them a happy union.

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But what was supposed to be a happy movement in favour of the newest couple in town, turned a pot of bitter soup as online warriors took over the case.

Concerned individuals swore that Igwilo wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy his new-found bliss. The argument was that Igwilo was mentally deranged (needed more psychological help than marriage), and that the said Chinwe was underaged.

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In a twist of fate, we all watched here helplessly while Igwilo’s new found bride was yanked away from him. They didn’t even allow him to enjoy his honeymoon in peace. He neither tasted the gloriousness of a new wife nor had the opportunity to plant his seed in Chinwe’s womb before he was sent back to the street a bachelor.

Poor Iwgilo had his treasured wife taken away from him less than a week of his marriage. It’s been almost three years to the day Mazi Igwilo wept.

Igwilo saw the promised land but never stepped foot on it.

They didn’t allow him the luxury of sticking his charger in her obumnaeke before they separated the duo.

It’s been almost three years but we shall never forget the injustice Comrade Igwilo suffered in the hand of netizens. They showed him the extreme power of the internet.

Our thoughts and prayers remains with Igwilo this cold season. He could surely do with a companion. But the internet happened!

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