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Liverpool Star Sadio Mane Built A £500,000 Hospital In His Village

Owing to their tremendous popularity and financial strength, modern day footballers have become global icons. Coming from a humble background, some of these players have actively participated in charity work by giving back to their local communities. Such is the case of Sadio Mane, who grew up in Bambali, an underdeveloped village in Senegal.With very little to do, the 29 year old opted to play football despite his father’s restrictions. However, at the age of seven, Mane experienced the bitter side of life as his father died after a prolonged battle with an undisclosed sickness. As gathered, his father was without proper medical attention due to the unavailability of any hospital in their community and as such, he was being treated with traditional herbs.

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The demise of Mane’s father had a huge impact on him and that forced him to escape home at the age of 15 to pursue his ambition of becoming a professional footballer. Mane started his senior career in 2011 at Metz and a year later he was at Red Bull Salzburg. In 2014, Southampton brought him to the Premier league and two years after, Jurgen Klopp signed him for Liverpool. As it stands, he is currently earning £100,000 per week at Anfield, but all that money isn’t for himself alone. TAP HERE TO READ MORE NEWS

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20 years after his father’s death, Mane was moved to fund the building of a first hospital in his village so as to give hope to a people wallowing in poverty. The circumstance that surrounded his decision to embark on this health project cannot be overemphasized as his father’s death played a major role.

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The hospital was commissioned in June 10 2021 and according to reports, he spent about half a million pounds (£500,000) to carry out the project. Mane’s charity work in Senegal is another example of the giving and selfless nature that runs through many rich footballers, and you can bet for every publicised act of generosity that there are countless more kept under wraps

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