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Lime, Bitter Leaf, and Coconut Extracts Will Not Cure Kidney Disease




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A post on Facebook in Nigeria claims there is a herbal cure for kidney disease.

The 21 November 2021 post recommends drinking an infusion made from lime leaves and the fresh roots of the bitter leaf plant and the coconut tree.

It claims that drinking one glass of the mixture twice a day for four weeks will “solve” kidney disease.

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But will this mixture really cure kidney disease?

No scientific evidence

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The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs in the body that remove toxins in the blood and convert waste to urine.

Awobusuyi Olugbenga, professor of medicine at Lagos State University in southwestern Nigeria, told Africa Check there are various types of kidney diseases. He researches the causes and treatment of them.

“When we say kidney disease, it means that there is a problem with the kidney and the ability of the organ to carry out its functions is impaired,” he said.

“We have kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, and other types of kidney diseases. All these conditions have different treatments. So it is inaccurate to prescribe one treatment path for all kidney diseases.”

The professor told Africa Check there was no scientific or medical evidence that using lime, bitter leaf, and coconut roots could cure kidney diseases.

Africa Check has debunked other posts claiming certain herbal infusions and concoctions could “clean” the kidneys or cure kidney diseases. Kidney specialists urge people to visit doctors and disregard posts like this.

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