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My in-law thought I was beating her daughter when she heard the moans on our wedding night

Cantankerous gospel musician Brother Sammy has shared her honeymoon experience with his fans in a new interview.

The above-mentioned gospel musician in chit-chat with Okyeame Kofi on Angel FM recalled a hilarious encounter with his mother-in-law while having a good time with his wife on the night of their ceremony.

In the voice of Brother Sammy, he spent the night in his mother-in-law’s house with his wife after the marriage ceremony but had the shock of his life when she was alerted about their love-making.

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“While making love to my wife, my mother-in-law probably thought I was beating her daughter or armed robbers had entered the house, so she came to check out what was going on, only to realize it was nothing bad.”

Watch the video below to release stress:

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