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Lagos State Government Declares Free Ride To Celebrate The Christmas For All Citizens Of Lagos.

The Lagos State Government has decided to celebrate their Citizens in a special way by declaring a free ride for all the people living in Lagos. This measure was taken to celebrate the Christmas for the Citizens of Lagos State.

This news was reported by BBC news broadcast on their Facebook platform on Friday 24th of December 2021.

According to them, they started that the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo Olu has declared a free ride for all the Citizens of Lagos State.

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They added that this free ride is available on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Company.

They went further to reveal that he decided to adopt this measure to celebrate the Christmas and New year for his people living at Lagos.

Governor Sanwo Olu has vindicated himself as a leader whose interest is centered on the welfare of his citizens.

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Prior to this declaration, the Governor had responded to the complains regarding the lack of house in Lagos state.

In the quest to provide more comfort for the people he is leading, the Governor built 744 houses for the welfare of his citizens.

He has also repeated this benevolent gestures by declaring a free ride in Lagos state for the Citizens to enjoy to celebrate the Christmas for them.

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What can you say about Declaration by the Governor.

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