Know Your Limits As A Wife, Don’t Abuse Privileges – Yahaya

Born in 1974, Hajiya Salamatu Yahaya Nangere is a renowned businesswoman and proud owner of Sally Multipurpose Biz. She strongly believes that her passion drove her to take-up the trade and she is making a success of it.


My name is Hajiya Salamatu Yahaya Nangere. I hail from Nangere local government area of Yobe State. I was born and raised in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital in 1974.


I started my early education in Maiduguri, where I attended Bolori Primary School from 1979 -1985. I proceeded to Federal Government Girls College, Potiskum, for my O’ level education.  Upon the completion of my secondary education in 1992, I secured admission into the University of Maiduguri to study diploma in adult education from 1993 to 1995.  Passionate about improving myself academically, I immediately proceeded for my undergraduate programme  through Direct Entry (DE) from 1995 to 1998, where I obtained a degree in Education from the University of Maiduguri.  I did my National Youth Corp (NYSC) service in Kano State, with the National Orientation Agency (NOA) between 1999 and 2000


My career started immediately after my National Youth Service as I  joined the Yobe State Ministry of Women Affairs in 2001. Luckily for ,e, I also got married to my beloved husband in the same year.Though, Alhamdullillah, I have been happily married for over 21 years now.


I ventured into business at a very tender age. At 8, I was already selling some sweets in school.

When I was 11, just about to be admitted to secondary school, I introduced a groundnut candy locally called (Hallaka Kobo). In fact, people, especially my friends called me Salamatu Mai Hallaka Kobo.  Our neighbours and friends used to take my groundnut candy to places such as Shuhu Garbai, University Primary School and to other notable places. That gave me the boldness and hope that I was going to excel in business. My late dad also got me aknitting machine which I utilized during weekends and holidays. I was able to save money from my knitting business . Because I was determined to be independent, I started way billing clothes (particularly ladies) from Lagos at very cheap rates and sold same to my fellow students .

For now, I sell a lot of things and because of that, my brand name is Sally multi-purpose. Multi-purpose in the sense that I trade on varieties.  My major business however,  is producing incense locally from different materials . I am perfect in mixing the incense perfume (Khumra, Kullecham), which is purely for women, and also engage in selling general perfumes for men. I also sell different kinds of fragrances such as Arabian oil perfumes (Surati) and cosmetics among others. Furthermore, I also sell wrappers, laces and it is worth doing actually.


To be candid, as I said at the beginning of our discussion, I have no mentor but a very good support from my father who inspired me. OF NOTE TOO IS THE UNALLOYEDE support I enjoy from my loving husband. He’s really been there for me. Of importance too, is my passion for success and wealth.  That means it is all about passion, which I developed over time, and to repeat myself, it’s just something innate. And to tell you what, anyone can do it.


I am doing it in a more innovative way, this is something worth cheering for but of course, I cannot do away with future projections. For now, the brand name is multi-purpose, meaning I sell almost everything with so many people, especially women benefiting from what I sell. I will however, appreciate having more capital to enable me establish a big factory capable of employing more hands.



Two strong forces inspired me.

Firstly, like I said, buying and selling is my passion. I love trading so much. Let me just say that I love making profits; this is the kind of thought that inspires and motivates me.

Secondly, my loving husband who didn’t object to my choice of business. Very importantly, is the encouragement I got  from my dad who believed in my capability, supported and appreciated my result oriented strategies that had helped me today.

In fact, I saw it as an avenue to contribute my small quota to the progress of my lovely family. I am inspired by events and demands around me.


My major challenge is increasing debt. This is quite unfortunate because some deliberately owe in other to frustrate you. I am saying this because even though you always have good capital base, ideas and inspirations as an entrepreneur, with the kind of  debtors who deliberately collect goods with promises to pay at a later date but never do, you cannot excel.

Look, they might end up pulling business down. To an extent, you just need to be strict.  Again, we live in a society where the economy is biting and families are battling to survive.


Like I said earlier, I have the full support of my husband and this has helped me in striking a balance between my business and family. I know my limits as a wife, therefore I hardly argue, disrespect or abuse privileges given to me by my husband. These are key for a married businesswoman.

Women need to appreciate privileges given to them by their husbands or parents Women should learn to embolden themselves and their business instead of destroying their future.


The way things are going in this country, especially with regard to population growth, it is fervently clear that the best way to live is to have business at hand. Nigerians now know that the government alone cannot provide employment for all.

Women and especially girl child education should be encouraged, as it will not only facilitate peace in the family but enhance their chances of having more progressives and enlightened society. So, when a woman is educated, the chances of her excelling in whatever business she does is very high. Any woman that is not educated in this era of technology will definitely be having so many difficulties in trying to meet up with the global trend. Though, even uneducated woman can venture into a business and make more profits, the chances of her taking advantage of technologies such as social media to sell her products will be limited.

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