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Why The Killings Must Stop! -By Abdullahi O. Haruna




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We were united and unmistaken on the cowardly murder of Deborah Yakubu by the lunatics in Sokoto, we didn’t mince words even with the inherent tags that greeted our stance. We condemned that barbarism because we are humans not necessarily because we are religious. Anyone killed is a loss to humanity whether Christian, Muslim, Hare Krishna, Hindu or atheist.

This same volume of condemnation should be sustained and extended to everywhere in Nigeria where lives are snuffed out by those who arrogate killing powers to themselves. In the East, innocent people are gunned down daily, the unknown gunmen are killing at will. We saw how traders from other parts of the country are hacked and their wares set ablaze. Just recently, a couple serving in the Nigerian Military were captured and subjected to the most heinous torture ever, the wife raped and debauched – right in front of her husband, her private part ripped open and the husband forced to watch this cruelty with hands bound to his back, and the two souls wickedly killed at the end. Yes, in a land where religion defines our lives! Like the lunatics in Sokoto, there exist more vicious lunatics in the East. Sadly, the condemnatory voices against the cruelty in the east are feeble if not existent. No one seems bothered and moved by the madness going on there. While the Sokoto insanity is traced to religious inebriety, no one can say why innocent people are being killed daily in the east!

The voices that were loud against the Sokoto shame should be borrowed for the East, madam Oby Ezekwesili was one of the first to condemn the Sokoto mayhem , in fact, she announced her withdrawal from the proposed NBA conference in Sokoto- a beautiful thing to do as a response to the barbarism of a few – tragically, this woman had been silent on the murderous pogrom going on in the East, her native land. Are these people not humans enough to be spoken for? There is hardly any Twitter outrage against the extermination of lives going on in the East. I have not read anywhere were leaders of thought and influence spoke against the debaucheries going on in Igboland. Don’t these people deserve the right to life and the liberty of protection?

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A people that choose the deaths to mourn because of the benefits therein are the worst people found on the vehicle of life; they speak only to curry attention and not necessarily because they feel the pain and share in the anguish of the affected. Like the Deborah’s death, we must be seen up against the dastardly killings going on in the East.

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