I Killed Them And Dumped Their Bodies In A Septic Tank- Security Guard Explains Why He Killed Two - OLAMORE
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I Killed Them And Dumped Their Bodies In A Septic Tank- Security Guard Explains Why He Killed Two



A 56- year- old gatekeeper admitted to killing and dumping the bodies of his two casualties inside a septank in Malava, Kakamega County in Kenya.

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The suspect who was identified as a 56- year- old Alex Andari, on Wednesday, 16th of February this year in morning, drove cops to the site where he killed his two casualties prior to dumping their bodies inside the septank.

The Police said that during the cross investigation, Alex admitted to killing a lady and his 7- year- old child on Monday, 16th of February in the night.

The deceased bodies of Marriam Ankori and his 7- year- old child namely Michael Muchiri was found by the area residents living close by.

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One of the nearby residents let the police know that he believed that Alex could have killed the lady and his child on the grounds that the two were fighting about a contested land that the lady later sold and build a major hotel in that community.

” They have been arguing a certain land that the deceased has since sold to a businessman from Kakamega town. It was a disputed land. ” He said.

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As per posthumous reports, the watchman strangled his casualties ridiculously to the extent that they couldn’ t hold on to their breath anymore.

Claims have it that the deceased bodies of the two, are as of now lying at the medical clinic funeral home.

In the interim, police investigation concerning the matter is as yet progressing.

” The man himself confessed of killing the two because of a disputed land, he had to be interrogated after the missing of the two, he firstly denied after the police pressed some kind of beatings on him, we doing more investigation to figure out more about the issue. ” The police said.

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