Just Apologise: Yerins Cries Out in Frustration As He Gets Caught in the Middle of Arin and Nini’s Argument

The Big Brother Naija reunion show has been an arena of confrontations, revelations and sometimes reconciliation
Nini and Arin attempted to discuss what went wrong with their friendship and their colleague Yerins was not in for th argument and back and forth

The doctor was caught in the middle as he sat between the two ladies while they did their back and forth exchange

Big Brother Naija ex-housemate Yerins is not in support of violence during their ongoing reunion and he clearly made it known.

The reality star was seated between Arin and Nini and they did not put him into consideration as they did their back and forth while trying to figure out what went wrong with their friendship.

After looking at both parties while they argued their case, Yerins suddenly let ot his frustration as he yelled and told both of them to just apologise before finally standing up.

Other housemates including the show host, Ebuka burst into laughter as most of them anticipated the outburst.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to Yerins’ frustration


“If “ E ma fejo pami” was a person ( Yerins) ”


“Yerisssssss the peaceful Doctor/artist ”


“See ehen women we too get wahala sha”


“Some women too get problem I’m a woman but this my gender sometimes their matter dey tire me.”


“Be like say liquor dey vex cos me sef I no laugh ”


“See yerins facial expression like who dey confuse mr doc doc.”


“Likeee, even I was tired. They were fighting like friends I was just about to say “these 2 should just settle” and move on.”

Nini and Saga shed light on their relationship in the house

Big Brother Naija 2021 ex-housemates, Nini and Saga finally had the chance to clear the air and straighten the facts about their relationship in the house.

Recall that Saga became possessive of the young lady despite the fact that he knew that dhr had a relationship outside the house.

On why he did not slow down even though he knew Nini was with another man outside, Saga revealed that he slowed down but it never worked.

On Nini’s part, she didn’t stop Saga and his advances because he knew she had a man outside, and didn’t cross any boundary as well.

Source: Legit.ng

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