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Jonathan In Trouble As Wike Reveals The Biggest Mistake Of His Career

Many people have alleged that former president, Goodluck Jonathan may contest under APC for the position of APC president in 2023. A lot of people have said a lot of things but despite all the things that have been said by the people, nothing seems to have changed. Many politicians are so much interested in knowing who will become the next president of Nigeria.

A lot of people are saying that APC may win the election but some things must be done if the party wishes to remain in power beyond 2023. In the APC, there is a rumor that former president, Goodluck Jonathan would join the party before the 2023 election to contest for the position of party candidate in other to contest in 2023. While this seems to be a rumor, Jonathan has debunked the statement.


Other people alleged that Jonathan may join APC in other to have some of his properties released by the APC government. Despite the rumors and different statements made by powerful people, Jonathan has continued to remain in PDP.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a lot of debate in PDP over the right candidate that is qualified to lead the party to victory in 2023. A lot of people have urged Jonathan to contest for president in 2023 but despite all these, Jonathan has not said anything.

Jonathan has not made it known to the public if he is interested in ruling Nigeria in 2023 despite the rumors that some people want him to lead the country. In between all these, governors of the regions in the country have continued to challenge themselves and exchange words over the region that deserves to rule in 2023.


According to Naija News, the governor of the river state has sent a strong warning to the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. Governor Wike made it known that the biggest and greatest Mistake of Goodluck Jonathan would be his exit from PDP to APC.

Once he leaves PDP to join APC, Nyesom Wike said all that Jonathan built int- in many years would crumble to the ground and the people would not respect or like him anymore.


Wike stated that APC will use Jonathan and dump him because they have no positive things in store for him. The moment he leaves PDP to join APC, he said things would not be good for Jonathan anymore because he would begin to make enemies and there would be new threats in his political career.


Part of his statement read, ” APC does not like Goodluck Jonathan. APC has no good things in store for him. Look at the things which they have said about him many years ago. Look at the names they have called him and show they have disgraced him in the open. ”

” Despite all they have done to him, the people still like him, respect and adore him and the APC want to use that to their advantage by bringing him into their party. APC only wants him because he is a popular person but once he is not popular anymore, they dump him. “

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