I've been sleeping with my uncle and have a child with him; I'd like to stop, but I'm not sure how. - OLAMORE
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I’ve been sleeping with my uncle and have a child with him; I’d like to stop, but I’m not sure how.



There are many forms of fornication and incest we do which have negative effect on us in one way or the other.

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An example is our topic of the day which is about a lady who had an abominable affair with her own uncle “I dated my uncle and we had a child together; he is unable to leave me and our child”.

This has landed her in a state of no return even though she wishes to break the bond and move on.

Mary is a mother of two who shared her story with us.

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She disclosed that, she fell in love or had an affair with her own biological Uncle. Unknowingly she was not aware that he was her Uncle until she gave birth to her first child.

According to marry, she was old three months toddler when her parents dissolved their marriage hence she had no knowledge of some of her family members including her own father as she grew with her grandmother.

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In explaining in detail, she dropped out of school and moved to live with her grandmother because her biological mother used to maltreat her as a result of her breakup with her father.

And when she was at the age of 18, she fell in love with a man and began to date him.

Without knowing that the man is part of her family or uncle, other family members kept quiet and embraced their affair.

Mary states that they maintained their connection until she became pregnant and gave birth, after which all of their ambitions were dashed.

It is her assertion that, after she gave birth, her grandmother came to visit and explained to her that she and her lover (at the time) were connected by blood and that she should refer to him as uncle instead of aunt.

The couple was taken aback by the news, and Mary almost put her infant to death out of embarrassment. However, despite the fact that she refused her uncle’s proposal and even fled the country, his uncle was unable to move on.

It is Mary’s contention that her uncle is unable to leave her and that every time that he finds a wife for him to marry, he ends up driving her away.

It is claimed by Mary that she is depressed and blames her family every time she thinks about him. She is on good terms with him, but she knows that they will never be lovers, despite the fact that he was her first love.

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